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Guilty_Primary8718 t1_j3xyukh wrote

Some things are harder than others to separate, and what would that even mean?

The biggest call for boycotting artists of various types is to stop giving them money. Usually that means waiting until the death of the artist, or buying/making non-licensed art. However even doing that can give publicity and a statement of ambiguity of separating anything, for example having a themed teddy bear you bought off Etsy and someone else going to the licensed store to buy a similar one because they liked yours so much.

So do you decide to stop the art all together, even if you can mentally separate the art from the artist, or do you continue and leave it up to interpretation to whomever may see what you choose to consume or purchase?

That doesn’t even begin on things that are essential with limited choices, such as cell phones that are all made unethically.