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Luther-and-Locke t1_j3y33s2 wrote

You really shouldn't hate anyone to be honest. We are all just the universe expressing itself in the form of an individual. Our experiences and our genetics form us but in a way "there is nothing new under the sun". An artist creates art and you either like it or you don't. You shouldn't love the artist because you love his art and vice versa with hate.


toblotron t1_j403i7q wrote

Yeah.. it struck me that it's a bit strange to read a philosophical article telling us how to Hate :)

Also, i think it's worth mentioning that at least Johnny Depp seems to have been thoroughly exonerated in his trial, and that the offender instead was the woman


LSDkiller t1_j40kybi wrote

I hate amber heard, and think she's a lot less likeable than johnny Depp. But I would say Johnny Depp was only exonerated of the crass made up accusations of heard. He is still "guilty" of having been in an extremely toxic relationship where both of them were violent and just vile. I've lost a lot of respect for johnny Depp since they've gone through all of it. He may not have beat her up or raped her with a bottle but he aired his dirtiest, stinkiest shittiest laundry for everyone to see. any normal person would now look down on him more than before.


aaeme t1_j41ei88 wrote

>"guilty" of having been in an extremely toxic relationship

That isn't a crime. It's a strange thing to dislike someone for.

>both of them were violent

I watched the trial and saw no real evidence that he was. I saw faked evidence (doctored photos, made up bruises), which strongly suggests it never happened in a way that no evidence at all would not: people don't to fake evidence of something that actually happened. Conversely, I saw his blood on the floor. That wasn't faked.

>he aired his dirtiest, stinkiest shittiest laundry for everyone to see

Yeah he had to clear his name. That took guts. It's also a result of him being honest during the trial (of drink and drug misuse). That honesty was commendable I think. I'm pretty sure self-medicating when you're being abused like that would be quite common.

You do you but that seems a very strange and judgemental take on the whole affair to me.