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Strong_Wheel t1_j5kyuzq wrote

Tolerating other peoples silly opinions does not lead to a Fascist Dictatorship. This is a straw man argument.


dmk_aus t1_j5mteju wrote

When does

"Who hell would vote for Biden, he is terrible and Trump is amazing"

"No one I know, this is fishy"

"Clearly this election was rigged, no one would vote for Biden, this is our democracy being stolen by Washington Elites!"

"Someone should do something about it"

"We should tell everyone about this, encourage others to protest, railing about this online and on TV"

"We should protest to pressure the politicians to throw out the fake results and put Trump in"

"They disregarded our votes, why would they listen to our protest, I think we need to go in"

riot/coup/treason time

Cross the line?

(Yes my impression of how Trump supporters talk isn't very good - I am not a writer)

The thing is, if you genuinely believe your democracy is usurped. And the authorities are complicit. And votes are meaningless. Isn't protest and possibly even violence the next logical steps?

If a president refused to step down at the end of their term and the authorities backed him - wouldn't overthrowing them be logical to most people.

Once people are convinced their democratic rights are gone and the government is corrupt. The next steps are obvious.

Trumps supporters were convinced the election was rigged. Given that the fake information is believed - the next step is inevitable.

It is only preventable by having everyone educated, mentally stable, informed and open minded so they can work out what press is bullshit.

If you have angry, living in closed bubbles and misinformed people - the outcome of Trump/Fox/whoever's rhetoric is inevitable.

The only way to prevent it without redesigning society and the media is to prevent the spread of intolerant views before they lead to violence.

Or we go with the existing option of let people fuck up and then arrest afterwards. Which in my mind is horribly probably a better option than excessive censorship and thought police.

Given that we know advertising and propaganda are effective (hence why they are one of the world's biggest industries) - should those who spread the lies be held accountable like a person shouting fire in a crowded cinema?


genuinely_insincere t1_j65fkfz wrote

should those who spread the lies be held accountable like a person shouting fire in a crowded cinema?

For the love of God, yes

Edit: I hate that they didn't respond to you. You clearly gave THE answer that corrects their mistake. Yet they straight up refuse to acknowledge it.

I think it's actually about emotion, rather than logic.

Leftists often use logic to argue with regressives, because leftists accidentally treat them as if they're being rational.

But I think in reality, the regressives are operating based off of emotion. Then they use logic to hide that. So really, he's just angry about something. He's probably mad about general societal issues, like small micro aggressions that he receives regularly.

Because there's just no way he actually got to that conclusion through logic. And he refused to acknowledge your sound argument. That shows that he is blocked by something. Im guessing it's some kind of emotional damage.

Maybe he sees your comment as some kind of insult. He feels "stupid" when he's corrected. So some kind of shame emotion. Or maybe he just gets rage whenever he encounters any political topic. Similar to road rage. He can't communicate, or he feels out of control. So he feels bottled, and starts spluttering, and becomes angry and rageful. Maybe the rage is another cover up for his feeling of shame and inadequacy.

So I think leftists need to reach out and help these people understand how to deal with conflicts. In order to resolve conflicts, you have to just step back and find a neutral center in your mind, where you can feel calm and uneffected.


Abarsn20 t1_j5ngusn wrote

The step of violence has already been taken. Oddly it was taken by self described liberal’s. Strange times we live in.


regalAugur t1_j5nxhg5 wrote

when was that


Abarsn20 t1_j5oqycv wrote

It’s been going on since the summer of 2020. Most recently this past weekend in Atlanta silly goose


regalAugur t1_j5qr8gr wrote

do you mean the people protesting a guy who was killed by the cops? if they started the violence then how did the guy die??


Abarsn20 t1_j5sljug wrote

Antifa, BLM, Jan 6. They all are fighting for the same thing. If you support one you support them all. Unless you haven’t unpacked our current condition intellectually enough yet to recognize that?


regalAugur t1_j5srhek wrote

antifa and blm are ideas, not a group of people. jan 6 was instigated by people, specifically people who wanted to kill the vice president and overthrow the government. trump was on twitter telling people to go there


Abarsn20 t1_j5trdy7 wrote

Lol they are all reaction to the exact same thing. In general Antifa is a little different because the individuals in that movement tend to be from a privileged background so they don’t have as much in common as Jan 6/MAGA and BLM do.


regalAugur t1_j5ujtbb wrote

they are reactions to fascism, yeah. if you're pro fascism then you'd definitely hate those guys, who happen to be the majority of the people who live in the United States by a pretty massive margin


Abarsn20 t1_j5umg5z wrote

Which one Antifa, BLM or MAGA? I don’t think you can provide a case of any of them. They are all decentralized populist movements. The opposite of a centralized authoritarian movement. I’m open to hear your argument but I don’t see anything resembling a fascist movement outside of the governments response to Covid and we were in the middle of a global crisis so that’s forgivable. Although they have been clinging to their authoritarian power far longer than they should but nonetheless.


zhibr t1_j5o32by wrote

Which step are you referring to?


Abarsn20 t1_j5or5yf wrote

Antifa. It’s been going on for a while, most recently three days ago when their rioted in Atlanta and built a little compound in the woods


Leemour t1_j5lpa3g wrote

Neither does not tolerating silly opinions though...


Strong_Wheel t1_j5lqttd wrote

As is often the case in an a point of view to be propagated facts and figures are ignored. Emotion and exaggeration are employed as a cheap and ready fix. Intolerance of opinion contrary to one’s own and weaponising outrage is both dangerous and also hilariously funny.