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bildramer t1_j6okziq wrote

"Complex neuronal activity" is not an explanation, it's basically a restatement of what generates consciousness in us, i.e. you can have complex neuronal activity without consciousness, but not vice versa, unless you do equivalent computations in some other substrate. The specific computations you have to do are unknown to us, but we have some broad hints and directions to look.


AUFunmacy OP t1_j6ophx4 wrote

I’m sorry, but if you think you’re going to persuade me that I’m wrong with this pseudo-intellectual jargon - you need to rethink your approach. All you’ve said is consciousness cannot occur without complex neuronal activity but not vice versa which I did not imply to be false anyway. The rest of your speech was some weird trip you and a thesaurus had together.

Either that or you used an AI to write your comment which I suspect since you said, “but we have some broad hints and directions to follow”, unless you make a leading statement to that odd sentence - it is just such a non-sequitur thing to say.