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AUFunmacy OP t1_j6otxi7 wrote

Yes, as a programmer who has experience in machine learning I know there are different approaches, however, ChatGPT uses a parameterised, deep-learning (neural network) approach. And it certainly closely imitates how central nervous system neurons communicate, in the brain specifically (I’m in med school as a neuroscience major). That isn’t to say just because AI imitates human neuronal activity - that they have the same properties, because they don’t.

We should discuss instead of you creating vague rebuttals that provide 0 evidence and 0 explanation.


ExceptEuropa1 t1_j6ozqbc wrote

Rebuttals? You're mistaken, my friend. I simply pointed out that your statement was unfair.

Now, your response was again self-congratulatory. I have completed superior degrees than yours, but I haven't yet dropped them here. Look, if it's true that you knew that AI has different approaches, then you simply misspoke. You said something wrong. Period. Own it up and don't get all offended. Gee...

What the hell are you talking about when you say something about evidence or explanation? I corrected you. What else did you want? A book reference? Any book on AI will show how incorrect your statement was. Open one, in a random page, and will you see.


AUFunmacy OP t1_j6pfm5y wrote


Please tell me which degrees you have completed mate, it’s not self congratulatory it’s providing my credibility to back up the statements I make. What is self congratulatory is you saying “I have completed superior degrees to yours”.

Show me my mistake? I am so confused what you are all hung up about, where did I claim neural networks were the only trading strategy?

In general, the instigator of the debate is required to present their argument, you have no argument if you provide no evidence. You haven’t showed me what you are talking about, I don’t believe you have “superior degrees of either”. Get over yourself mate 😅