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olderestsoul t1_j6o6c67 wrote

As someone who has suffered greatly physically, your higher aim could be seeking hedonistic pleasure to offset your pain. Hedonistic pleasure is a tool for your higher aim, which is to overcome the unfortunate hand you were dealt.


Drakolyik t1_j6obnj2 wrote

It absolutely is. I tell everyone I meet that I'm interested in pursuits that lead to good feelings and that I do very little in the ways of pushing my body to extremes of discomfort (except maybe in a sexual capacity, where I'll eventually be rewarded with euphoria/bliss in the right environment) since I'm already constantly in a state of extreme discomfort (especially since the US refuses to administer opiates to chronic pain patients now, fuck all of the abuse surrounding the only drug that actually makes a dent in my pain).

Able bodied people look at me like I'm crazy because they simply do not understand how traumatic an experience like mine is. People don't want to look at their own privilege critically, just like the author. And it seems like a case of a severe lack of empathy, but that's nothing unusual for today's accepted discourse.


olderestsoul t1_j6oecoy wrote

When talking about Frankl, the author says this:

Some prisoners regressed into a more animalistic state — losing touch with their humanity and becoming brutal survivalists. This is an understandable and perhaps the expected reaction to such an extreme situation.

I don't think the author would be critical of you for using pleasure to take the edge off incredible pain. I think what he is insinuating is that the harder the trial, sometimes, the harder it is to find higher meaning. Since I don't know you, I can't speak to your motivations, but I would assume that if you're willing to write about your pain on reddit, some part of your higher purpose involves sharing your experiences.