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ApiContraption t1_j6wp8t7 wrote

Reply to comment by [deleted] in PsBattle: Gritty at the beach by JL7375

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brutecookie5 t1_j6xamyq wrote

There is no way in hell that Gritty doesn't call that "the shore", because that's where Philadelphians go to swim in the ocean.


MickeyButters t1_j6yey7t wrote

Yeah, "Gritty down the shore" is what this needs to be called.


NotThatEasily t1_j6yzdg2 wrote

The shore is in New Jersey, whereas the beach is in Delaware.


brutecookie5 t1_j6zdwvb wrote

Couldn't say, we were an Ocean City NJ family. Same rental house, same week every year.


NotThatEasily t1_j6ze6p0 wrote

I grew up in DelCo and live in Delaware now. I always found it funny that you knew which state someone was going to based on whether they said “the shore” or “the beach.” Also, the pronunciation of Newark is different for Delaware and New Jersey: NewARK for Delaware and NewERK for Jersey.


KamovInOnUp t1_j6xiaba wrote

Okay what the fuck is that


Yabba_Dabba_Doofus t1_j6zv1ou wrote

In my feed, the thread directly above this is about which hockey mascot makes the least sense.

I don't know if this answers that question, but it does paint Gritty in a whole new light...