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dystopika t1_j76k9rv wrote


xbiggyl t1_j792ngt wrote

Animation? Unfair to the competition. You're just flexing now 💪 😉


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xprmntng t1_j760dkx wrote

AI is not welcome here

Put some effort in it. Don't let the computer do everything for you.


EsteemedFellow t1_j7665ep wrote

I put effort into this, I used photoshop. I'm sorry I have to explain this to you.


xprmntng t1_j766fqm wrote

You used Photoshop to put an AI generated bird in the image. Not the first time you have done it. You suck.


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Amish-Leprechaun t1_j76bzeu wrote

Who tf cares? Looks still better than 90% of things getting posted here.

Edit: People who down vote has smoll pp


5-MEO-D-M-T t1_j76ic8w wrote

Lol this is so stupid. This would be like showing up to a 5k marathon with a motocycle and when people complained that you won the race you say "Who tf cares? Still faster than 90 percent of these people running."

It's literally not the place for this.


Amish-Leprechaun t1_j76oh0i wrote

That’s the reason why it should be allowed to use handguns at a 5k. 90% of people without a handgun at a 5k are slower than pr.


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ApiContraption t1_j75bny9 wrote

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