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PlumpoLumpo t1_j8cb1o0 wrote

This is a crossover I didn't know I needed.


DJKGinHD t1_j8cbb21 wrote

Yeah. That's exactly the reply I wanted to get. I can 100% get behind the cast of Reno 911 being on the Enterprise somehow.

Honestly? Just throw some red shirts on them and film it exactly like Reno 911, but in random rooms on the Enterprise.

"Tacos, Tacos, Tacos, Tacos.... IN SPACE! WEEEEEE!!!" SPINS AROUND ON ROLLERSKATES -Terry.


PlumpoLumpo t1_j8cbztj wrote

I think Id like a Time Travel episode of Strange New Worlds. That world is Reno Nevada, 2004. I want to see Spock try and figure out Terry and Jackie.


RefanRes t1_j8dqe1h wrote

It seems that in 2010 FX actually did commission the Reno 911 team to make a Star Trek parody show called Alabama based on a ship called the USS Alabama. They made a pilot that was unaired but people said they couldnt believe it wasn't picked up. Then Nerdist had it up on their site for a while but its not there anymore.


JathanTaylor t1_j8g5mb6 wrote

Kind of makes sense since we have the US Space and Rocket center here