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gl3nnjamin t1_j8fphee wrote

Remember no loud noise, no head bowling, and no parties, or it'll be your ass in a jar!


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FrankGrimesIV t1_j8gikhz wrote

Hail yogurt!


Moth_Jam t1_j8gvjj4 wrote

Yogurt? I hate yogurt! Even with strawberries.


stevey_frac t1_j8hygt6 wrote

Can you imagine yogurt hail? It would be such a mess. Dairy products everywhere all over the ground. I bet it would stink really bad after a few days too.


Budalido23 t1_j8gqis5 wrote

They would clearly be better at running Ohio anyway


Mistake902 t1_j8go55a wrote

Can the lady in the middle take a few steps forward


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mivaad t1_j8h64oi wrote

can she take a few more


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absboodoo t1_j8h97a7 wrote

Nice try Umbrella, Iā€™m not eating that yogurt full of T-viruses


EyeSprout t1_j8f4kvc wrote

Well, the obvious one, a sacrifice to the flame gods.


trwwy321 t1_j8f6abz wrote

I envision them in hell with red flames all around


aguslucas OP t1_j8fdrzs wrote

I was thinking in Rosemary's Baby ending


SLIP411 t1_j8gl80x wrote

Ooo! Speaking of sacrifice, this reminds me of the sacrifice scene in Temple of doom lol nice one


mooseman99 t1_j8ik1my wrote

Did you put your yogurt in the goblet of fire?


SligPants t1_j8fafqt wrote

turn rightside up at your own risk

(this is called the Thatcher Effect)


SHRED-209 t1_j8ffurr wrote

I just looked up more examples of the Thatcher Effect. That shit is wild.


Kallium19 t1_j8flhls wrote

Why does it work though?


moonra_zk t1_j8fwnvb wrote

I'd guess because the face features are right side up it looks normal to our brain, so it focuses on that, but when you turn it upside down it focuses on how fucking weird it looks.


RazzZzatam t1_j8g6b64 wrote

To be more specific, the brain has an entire region dedicated to recognizing faces in the fusiform gyrus. When upside-down that region is not fully activated, as the orientation doesn't correspond to the brains idea of what a face is (two eyes above a nose and mouth). Because of this, the brain fills in some gaps. When inverted the face region activates and basically tells the rest of the brain something is wrong.

Fun fact on this topic: Humans aren't born with the ability to discern specifically human faces, but are born with a tendency to look at faces so as to develop this skill better. And yet in the same breath, early infants can discern between similar faces on other species (tested with pictures of a type of monkey) that even individuals who spend their lives researching the species may not be able to detect.


ManicTypist t1_j8gi49i wrote

That's fascinating. Do you have any further reading that talks about the studies??


RazzZzatam t1_j8gt9f7 wrote

In regards to the monkey study, I believe it was prior to ~6 months old, when habituated to the image of a monkey, babies still showed increase response as they would to a novel stimulus when shown a slightly different monkey of the same species, whereas older infants showed no increased response. Sadly, I can't provide any readings, as I'm just spouting off the things I've learned in university so far.


ManicTypist t1_j8guk79 wrote

That's really interesting. Babies are organic processors overclocking shit until they chill tf out after they're "unboxed" (born). Biology is fascinating. Appreciate the knowledge!


DingDongDideliDanger t1_j8g559l wrote

I doubt this is the Thatcher Effect because I'm lacking the sudden urge to get arrested for public urination


ManicTypist t1_j8ghyjz wrote

YESS I love the Thatcher Effect, it's so funny, I made a bunch of Thatcher Effect memes for my own personal uselol


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Whymzz t1_j8hreqm wrote

This was unexpected but deeply appreciated.


FortuneHasFaded t1_j8hdeub wrote

And with our forces combined we will create the world's most bigly delicious yogurt


Gnostromo t1_j8idiok wrote

Wait. What even is this original photo? Holy yikes.


FabulousLemon t1_j8ivtbn wrote

At the gala inauguration of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology ā€” an institution billed as a cooperative effort to confront extremism "by the latest intellectual, media and numerical methods and means" ā€” Trump joined Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud and Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi in laying their hands on a lit-up globe.


Almarma t1_j8m8hy4 wrote

Really?? What a wonderful organization!



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NTX2329 t1_j8icuz7 wrote

Criminally underrated comment. This looks like marketing for The Stuff remake.


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frecklesthemagician t1_j8f5a80 wrote

This is so dystopian-looking.


EskildDood t1_j8f67ix wrote

All their smiles look incredibly fake, and the lighting sure doesn't help, they look like evil corporate overlords


wolfchaldo t1_j8grrgc wrote

What moron decided lighting up the speakers like a dad telling a spooky story with a flashlight was a good podium design?


LordVisceral t1_j8febj7 wrote

They look like a movie depicting an evil cabal or monsters revealing a new dangerous product to the market that's going to eat you inside out or turn you into a fat gullible horde vis-a-vis leviathans in supernatural.


theveryrealreal t1_j8fbwad wrote

Urine samples and one in back is stool sample - you're welcome.


cinemachick t1_j8g5jve wrote

This reminds me so much of picking a starter Pokemon...


DuckZnDragonZ t1_j8ig5hq wrote

I was hoping to see someone photoshop them carbonite frozen.


LaCroix_Roy t1_j8ni20x wrote

Lumen industries leading the way