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TonySkullz t1_j9phtr1 wrote


berrey7 t1_j9qiha4 wrote

Make this into a full FONT TYPE SELECTION.


BunBison t1_j9r0c8t wrote

This is something you see in that horror Garfield subreddit . r/imsorryjon


steals-from-kids t1_j9qai1m wrote

This gave me a perfect "I wasn't expecting that" morning giggle. Cheers.


PM_me_your_11 t1_j9rd9mf wrote

I just burst out laughing. I didn't see the screenshot and was startled by how absurd it is. I love it


CeciWhutIMean t1_j9rhrgn wrote

I would LOVE this as a body pillow - can you imagine that?! With the furtastic fuzziness of the kitties belly!! Just delightful


RokuroCarisu t1_j9rvyte wrote

Long Johnson, Long Johnson
He has the longest Johnson


CeciWhutIMean t1_j9rh7fb wrote

This pic goes with a comment I made earlier on the original pic… but kitty looks much more appropriate with the comment now!

I’mmmm a sssnnaaaaake a ssssllllliiinnkyyy ssslllliiiitheeeeerennnnn ssssnnnnnaaaaaaake

*spoken with a deepish evil wizard voice


staticthreat t1_j9pzohi wrote


olivefreak t1_j9rno16 wrote

This is my favorite! When I saw the cat my first thought was he looked like he was doing some Irish Dancing. But I love your black and white version.


IamJacksFutureBeard t1_j9qgwc4 wrote


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ApiContraption t1_j9ojrwl wrote

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DenialZombie t1_j9qqvn7 wrote

If I had PS or even just time, I'd turn kitty 90 degrees and add a diamond necklace and Leo doodling like a toddler.

... on the Titanic, if that wasn't clear.


If_U_Seek_Emmy t1_j9rg1wc wrote

This looks like it belongs in a renaissance painting. I loved the Venus one but I could see more!