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BlackFish818 t1_ja36xym wrote


Fun_Direction4816 t1_ja3w38y wrote

Literaly nothing can beat this


san_serifs t1_ja57lbe wrote

>Literaly nothing can beat this


Sonnysdad t1_ja4ef1c wrote

I imagined it the second I saw the dress and I was not disappointed!


[deleted] t1_ja327fc wrote



ApiContraption t1_ja327gg wrote

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mkculs t1_ja4wd9x wrote

Honestly, I think she looks fabulous and cannot imagine anyone else pulling off that look. She looks like royalty (but I do enjoy the photoshops).


Compendyum t1_ja56o4v wrote

She thinks she's a real queen lol wtf


CreADHDvly t1_ja5jnll wrote

What? Are you saying Queen Latifah thinks she's a real queen because the other reddit user said she looks like royalty?


ZsaFreigh t1_ja5uy7c wrote

It's crazy to me that she's so much hotter at 52 than she was in her 20s and 30s