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New_Boot-Goofin t1_ja6q4tx wrote


Hermusset t1_ja7n1r7 wrote

Omg you just made my day!! That is so good!!!!


0TheMadHatter0 t1_ja8i6ja wrote

Same looks like a big ol potato mane. Should go around town like that. This guy looks so at peace.


TexasPistolMassacre t1_jabzohx wrote

One glance at Dans lab coat indicates the distinct lack of peace some episodes have xD


YaboiTodd t1_ja9368r wrote

Someone was watching the Scotty’s last night 😂


coolcootermcgee t1_ja8sfn6 wrote

That’s hilarious. What was that guy doing up there in that thing, anyway? I’m dying to know what his plan was


davidfirefreak t1_ja8u9mt wrote

Goto YouTube and look up slomo guys, this video is probably more than 10 years old, I'm too lazy, and at work so I won't find a link myself lol, but essentially they were filling the balloon up with water and bouncing in slow mo, and popping it etc.


sBucks24 t1_ja8uxdx wrote

It always tickles me when I see a wild Dan or Gavin out of context lol