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10011110 t1_javb8qa wrote

The OP pictures of this subreddit often leave me with a mildlyinfuriating thirst for context. Sometimes I wish OP had to share where they found this stuff, but that's not why this subreddit is here. 🙃


Darth_Esealial t1_javjzue wrote

Nebulizers are used to soothe the respiratory tract and moisten exudate for the rabbit to easily expel by coughing/sneezing.


tucci007 OP t1_jay1mfx wrote

they're also used to administer meds like antibiotics


ThePantser t1_jatrewr wrote

What's the bunny getting hopped up on?


smthngwyrd t1_jatzivz wrote

Albuterol gives you the shakes


KamovInOnUp t1_jau4wxo wrote

It shouldn't...

If you're having that reaction you should tell your doctor


Prettymuchnow t1_jaw4lwz wrote

The receptors that these medications act on are present in both lung tissue and cardiac tissue. It is not uncommon to see tachycardia / hypertension and jitters/ anxiety as a side effect.


jenksy t1_jasc9ed wrote

...aren't nebulizers, and specifically the oils you put in them, bad for animals?


Saarcore t1_jasgj1y wrote

No, it's used with medicine. You're thinking of a oil diffuser.


tucci007 OP t1_jasxklg wrote

clearly he is vaping some bangin kush oil



rayshmayshmay t1_jat39ju wrote

Hah! That /jk you put at the end is perfect! Without it I would’ve totally thought your bunny has either some oral fixation issues or glaucoma!! Haha!


jenksy t1_jat0vc6 wrote

Ahh yes okay thank you!


ThisOnePlaysTooMuch t1_jatx5ai wrote

Fastest retribution arc on reddit


jenksy t1_jauc2kz wrote

hey I'm just an idiot with a computer.. I confused multiple things every day.


ThisOnePlaysTooMuch t1_jauccfe wrote

We only despise people who double/triple down when incorrect. I’ve done it, and I am justifiably despised by the correct parties involved. We’re all wrong about a lot of things. Unwillingness to correct oneself is just fucking annoying. Keep teaching and learning, and stay humble:)


hearnia_2k t1_jatlna8 wrote

why would anyone put oils into a nebulizer? I feel that wouldn't be great for humans either!

Nebulizers are more typically used with medication, for Asthma, or saline, to help clear lungs if sick for example.


jenksy t1_jatvelg wrote

I've seen them used for scented oils lots


Hunnilisa t1_jau8wwh wrote

A nebulizer is a small machine that turns liquid medicine into a mist that can be easily inhaled. People do crazy shit, but nebulizers are traditionally for medicine.


hearnia_2k t1_jav84xz wrote

That can't be good for people.


TomatoOrangeMelon t1_jav8jcq wrote

Neither are alcohol and smokes. People do them anyway.


hearnia_2k t1_javda4u wrote

Both of those are addictive, and have neurological impacts.

Are you suggestng the same is true for putting oils in a nebulizer?


TomatoOrangeMelon t1_jave5ks wrote

No. I mean humans are not well known for not doing things just because those things are harmful to them.


hearnia_2k t1_javg3uk wrote

I don't think those humans would do it for no reason at all, either.