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boombastis t1_jblr945 wrote


l2ulan t1_jbm12gp wrote

Yer a hazard, Harry


NeverGetsTheNuke t1_jbmj7as wrote

Barely choked down a laugh that would have definitely woken up our baby. Solid 7/5 humor


b3rtybaby t1_jblwxqx wrote

First thing that came to mind, bravo!


EternalRgret t1_jblz0z3 wrote

Lmao, first thing I thought when seeing the cone: "GRYFFINDOOOOR"


NeverGetsTheNuke t1_jbmj0xx wrote

The Sorting Cone thought about putting me in Deere House, but it could tell I really wanted to be in Caterpillar... So it just put me in Bobcat for questioning its judgement, and told me if I kept arguing it'd put me in Hitachi... What a tool


Joaommp t1_jbmem36 wrote

Even the sorting hat got hit by the current state of the world economy.


itwuzntme84 t1_jbmql4b wrote

Lol my first thought was, this is exactly what the American Schools Wizarding Hat would look like.


kingofthediamond t1_jbmwrvq wrote

Imagine if it was the real sorting hat. And because we’re in the muggle world we see it like this? Wizards going nuts over a traffic cone


jhl88 t1_jbmz3gc wrote

I was waiting for this one lol


khark t1_jbnvhxy wrote

This is the only 'shop allowed.


johnsciarrino t1_jbo4jru wrote

Seriously. If there was a Hogwarts equivalent in NYC, this would be its sorting hat.


KirkPicard t1_jbsnrpg wrote

Barrel Monster Scolds his Robot Dog, Traffic.

Background... about a decade ago a local rogue artist turned some traffic barrels into the iconic barrel monster that made several appearances through out the NC State area in Raleigh.

Monster is actual barrels, his dog Traffic is my digital addition!


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ApiContraption t1_jbl3wm7 wrote

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aegonish t1_jblzmnp wrote

A certain sandy cheeks image comes to mind