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dystopika t1_jbx7wxm wrote


maddasher t1_jbxwpuq wrote

I was waiting for a wasp to hit a tree. Well done sir.


VG88 t1_jbznasx wrote

He even put pilots in their eyes! Lol


InverseG t1_jc054u0 wrote

How is this possible? Or more like how can I do that, and by that I mean make it and link it into a comment


dystopika t1_jc08tia wrote

Some people post their image to a site like IMGUR and post a link to it in the comments.

I created a subreddit, made it private so it's just for me, and I post my images there. After I post them there, I copy the link to the image and post it in the comments here.

For how I make my work, it's all Photoshop + After Effects. This is a tutorial I made a while back (originally for an exploitative site that I think people should avoid called "hitrecord"), explaining the basics of my animation process:

Some of it's out of date (especially the site-specific stuff) but those are the basics. I know a small handful of tricks that I use in different ways to create all sorts of animations. There are definitely better and more in-depth tutorials on YouTube that you can find to do just about anything you can imagine.

Photoshop Battles also has a tutorial page full of basics for picture editing, including After Effects:


Hi_Im_zack t1_jbxj94r wrote


madpacifist t1_jbxpdej wrote

So simple, yet so beautiful in its execution.


czechsmixxx t1_jc0dze0 wrote

Everyone in Australia is thankful for this translation


Bentense9001 t1_jbzq9ib wrote

Some of the best things in life are the most simple things.


WetCoastLife t1_jbxo56u wrote


Baumguard t1_jbxeh1c wrote

ADAC Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (General German Automobile Club)


Vacuophile t1_jbxhz6o wrote

Reminds me of the time my car broke down in a small town in Florida and the only AAA tow truck in the entire county broke down on its way to me.


aesthe t1_jby22zq wrote

That sounds about right. Last time I called AAA we sat in a cop car for the last 90 minutes of the 3+ hour wait so we didn't freeze to death.


Ordoo t1_jby93ig wrote


TheW83 t1_jbz54xo wrote

Why does it look like Beedrill is the one doing the toss?


Ordoo t1_jbz5oe8 wrote

There was a very big part of me that wanted to say Beedrill, but Beedrill unfortunately can't learn Seismic Toss

Volbeat on the other hand, can. So in the interest of attention to detail, I chose Volbeat.


lord_hijinks t1_jbzuayz wrote

The Hug

Edited to say that I hope someone can do a better job, but I wanted to throw the idea out there.


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Breathoflife727 t1_jbx76wq wrote

Aww they're buddies :)


Tbkssom t1_jby84mw wrote

Buzz, we missed the truck!

We're not aiming for the truck!


Garr_Incorporated t1_jbxotib wrote

Funnily enough, I remember playing a fairy battling game ages ago (formula similar to Pokémon), and one of the fairies has an early evolution that is a grub that's being flown around by a fly. Immediately thought about Vorgot (fairy's name) when I saw this picture.


kdoors t1_jbykbf6 wrote

Someone make the beauty and the beast dancing


Seventh_Planet t1_jc02ecx wrote

Turned 90° this looks like the (not in the books) fight scene between Voldemort and Harry in the last film.