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xprmntng t1_jd8ga72 wrote


philament23 t1_jdb5bm3 wrote

If this was a class assignment I’d not only give you an A+ but I’d use it as the primary example from then on to other students.


AsItIsSoItIsNot t1_jd8jeyl wrote


Shadowveil666 t1_jdam1nz wrote

TheHobbitsTheHobbitsTheHobbitsTheHobbits To Isengard, To Isengard!


VG88 t1_jdbqwdr wrote

To Isengard, To Isengard, Gard, Gard, G-Gard!


Geo-NS t1_jd8bptv wrote


Marzonick_141 t1_jd8h3m3 wrote

Haha you took the honda civic from the background instead of having a random img cut-out of a car. +1


LurkerPatrol t1_jd9bt2w wrote


RedMiah t1_jd9duda wrote

I initially thought you were combining The Dream with the tree but that was an infinitely better choice.


blthmsphlp t1_jd9ppd6 wrote

Looks like it was generated by AI after you type some sad and angry words lol


LurkerPatrol t1_jdadlmb wrote

I wonder if anyone has used AI in a photoshopbattles, at least just to get some ideas.


Losmpa t1_jdb33ur wrote

And we have the winner…🤪👍


monatsend t1_jd8o9yu wrote

Good ol‘ Lazor


marson0102 t1_jd9njaa wrote

Lmao this is the only thing i could think of when i saw this


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TurboShorts t1_jd8psac wrote

That'd be an elm, not an oak


Daveofthecave t1_jd9z820 wrote

Glad someone else noticed... oaks tend to have gnarlier bark, while older, stressed elms are usually inflicted with bacterial wetwood (as seen here), where a sappy substance oozes down the bark, causing dark discoloration.


nickkom t1_jd8x1fw wrote

Someone do the stuffed animal tree from gravity falls!


EsNightingale t1_jd85rg2 wrote

What has actually happened to this tree here? Looks damaged.


Gauge45 t1_jd868hs wrote

Probably either got half blown down by storm winds or struck my lightning but no evidence of lightning damage. Probably just got too big on one side for its own good and fell over in the wind


Gauge45 t1_jd86fyk wrote

The bulges on the damaged part indicate that it is trying to heal itself though, so still very much alive.


Dirty_Frenchman t1_jd8fp1q wrote

Yes, but trees don't heal , they compartmentalize. That wound has been open for some time and the tree is unable to fully close it. It will begin to rot from the wound inward as water, disease, pests, and other fun things begin to make their way inside until the trunk is soft enough it falls over in the next storm.


fakeaccount572 OP t1_jdcifyx wrote

Good to know, since we typically get 40+ mph gusts here in this neighborhood.


Dirty_Frenchman t1_jd8fheh wrote

You're absolutely correct. This is a Norway maple (maybe a red maybe actually?) And they tend to get splitty due to bad structure where branches meet.

Look into "bark inclusion" if you're curious.


oldmasterluke t1_jd8foip wrote

To me, it looks like someone cut a very valuable burl off the tree, which is a previous heal. They are valuable to woodworkers and are sometimes poached by assholes.


TurboShorts t1_jd8pamw wrote

Definitely just storm damage. If someone cut it, you'd see a solid surface that the saw cut through. Idk where reddit gets the idea that people commonly poach burls for woodwork, lol it literally never happens where I live/work


keestie t1_jdail6z wrote

You are 100% correct, this was obviously storm damage and not a cut.


threyon t1_jde9jk4 wrote

“Thiiiiiis is the Forest of No Returrrrrn! Thiiiiiis is the Forest of No Returrrrrn!”