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ApiContraption t1_je7ssen wrote

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Zeldon567 t1_je9jyfl wrote

Platform 9 3/4 should be an obvious one, right? Or something Hogwarts related.


alaskanloops t1_je8tsz7 wrote

Not set up for doing photoshops right now but an idea: Launch of NASA's new heavy lift vehicle from Cape Canaveral.


Ticklebunzz t1_je9st1a wrote

Looks like it’s ripping out of a stuffed animal. β€œI'll bet the wife put the train in the teddy bear to steal it from the husband!”


RhysieB27 t1_jeabeh3 wrote

This photo has single-handedly explained why I struggled so much as a child with confusing "steam" and "smoke".


BattleStag17 t1_jeb66e8 wrote

Does anyone know if there are other pictures of this that would work better for a wallpaper?