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LeonDeSchal t1_irs0umz wrote

Can insects become fat?


Nazamroth t1_irs3z5l wrote

Are spiders insects? I always forget. But at least spiders can become fat, it goes into their abdomen iirc.


Heliolord t1_irs4orr wrote

Scorpions are arachnids, too. Never considered they could get chunky.


seancollinhawkins t1_irs54li wrote

Insects have 6 legs and 3 well defined body sections.

Spiders are arachnids


Nazamroth t1_irsil44 wrote

Arthropod, thats the word I was looking for. (yeah, thats a higher tier, i know.)


Slurms_McKensei t1_irs9c64 wrote

No. They can grow, but they don't gain fat like other animals can/do. Their size is almost entirely limited by availability of food, temperature, and oxygen concentrations. Thats why you get puppy sized Tarantulas in jungles, and tiny wasps in deserts

Also: this is an arachnid. Same concept though.


LeonDeSchal t1_irsdaek wrote


Puppy sized tarantulas is scary to think about.


averyoda OP t1_irsd910 wrote

They can definitely be oversized, although "fat" might not be the right term. Although scorpions are technically arachnids, not insects.


endospores t1_irsez69 wrote

Sure, with enough parasites inside. Scorpions are athropods like insects, but insects are only those with 6 little legs.