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Maymayfish t1_isixs0z wrote


jejcicodjntbyifid3 t1_isk4sd2 wrote

I'm disappointed you didn't turn her hair into the mushroom too


imtougherthanyou t1_iskzmcs wrote

I saw the post and thought, "woman with poof ball mushroom hair with poof ball mushroom".


not2dv8 t1_islw8jg wrote

Right? Why do all of a sudden I want to have some cotton candy?


F-nDiabolical t1_ismkpnn wrote

Pretty sure that's what she's trying to achieve with her mad science.


RNNDOM t1_isj57qu wrote

So unexpected.. and so many layers to this story 🤣


Doctor__Proctor t1_isk1yxb wrote

"Who's gonna believe a talking mushroom? Get a job in a sideshow..."


Bullrawg t1_isjenit wrote

I do not have the ps skills, but someone should do the elden ring envoy crown

Edit: looked up the name of the item


Red-Panda-Bur t1_isjmzg0 wrote

I love this. Can I make a request that you do a grandmother of dragons one too?


Vacuophile t1_isjtwy8 wrote


jejcicodjntbyifid3 t1_isk51ke wrote

This is the closest I've seen but I was hoping someone would just replace her hair with the mushroom too

Or make the mushroom into her hair and her hair into the mushroom

I'm not sure which would be better. But her hair has some strong mushroom vibes


LurkerPatrol t1_iska4em wrote


linco95 t1_islezjt wrote

This is what I expected to be the top post. It was still obvious. It's like it's meant to be.


budango t1_isl99bv wrote

Amazing, now drop her in the mushroom kingdom


Kalsypher t1_isk5fcy wrote

No lie first thing I thought when I seen this was "swap head with puffball" and came to comments to see if it was done. I was not disappointed.


domesticatedprimate t1_isjkpo4 wrote

Please use imgur or similar. This Reddit link sends me on an infinite loop on mobile. I just keep getting redirected to download the official Reddit app, and it I say no, I'm redirected to the top page of Reddit in a browser.


StatusSea5409 t1_ism2i2a wrote

It's in their posts. They post to their profile and link to that. They're bad at reddit but they try


Poetawesomendo t1_isjkyry wrote

I have no idea how to use imgur, I use the mobile Reddit app and it works fine for me.


captain-snackbar t1_isjuw71 wrote

The official Reddit app is hot garbage. Imgur is the canonical way, it’s not that hard to learn how to use it.


StrionicRandom t1_iskck5k wrote

The official app works fine for me. What's better and why?


captain-snackbar t1_isks2tq wrote

Apollo all the way. It’s like you’re trudging knee-deep in mud while you could be walking on pavement.


keralaindia t1_isk8pph wrote

What’s wrong with the official app? I love it.


StatusSea5409 t1_ism0vp4 wrote

Nothing. Some people like it, some people are used to old reddit and the app is pure new reddit so no like. Other apps are a bit easier but nothing wrong with liking what you like.


MudnuK t1_isk7waf wrote

I use the Reddit Sync app. You can upload an image from.your phone entirely within the app and it'll automatically stick it on Imgur with a hyperlink.

Like this


thedemocracyof t1_iskk7qq wrote

I absolutely love how you’re getting downvoted for having a working version of the garbage app


StatusSea5409 t1_ism2aah wrote

It's because they don't won't use imgur. Lol.

You click the link, it takes you to their profile, go to context and you're in a circle, or you just go in a short loop of going to their profile multiple times.

All their photoshops are posts to their account instead of a comment linking to the picture. Reddits app doesn't allow that.


TheRealEthaninja t1_islty7b wrote

Aaaand downvoted. Why? I dunno, reddit reasons

Fyi i upvoted you because f the the system \m/


cactusplants t1_islc7d7 wrote


littlebiggtoe t1_ism9ql6 wrote

This is the one I came for. So perfectly reddit to swap things like this. It had to be done.


gggempire t1_ism9b6p wrote

I would be severely dissapointed is someone didn't do this lol


DrSeuss_OBGYN t1_ismvgek wrote

I'm so glad I didn't have to click more than once to find this. Got what I came for the upvote is yours.


[deleted] t1_isicesk wrote



ApiContraption t1_isicet6 wrote

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kushbluntlifted t1_isighk8 wrote

somebody please swap the mushroom and her head


unscannabledoot t1_isiixpa wrote


thanyou t1_isisz90 wrote

That's the end of the thread lol.


Cmaclia t1_isk187h wrote

I think there is a missed opportunity to use SpaceBalls The Photo Shop on this PSB!


kylelot t1_iskgj5y wrote

That puff ball looks a lot like a cow patty…


SK1D_M4RK t1_ismun7m wrote

When owners start to look like thier pets.