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Poetawesomendo t1_isjkyry wrote

I have no idea how to use imgur, I use the mobile Reddit app and it works fine for me.


captain-snackbar t1_isjuw71 wrote

The official Reddit app is hot garbage. Imgur is the canonical way, it’s not that hard to learn how to use it.


StrionicRandom t1_iskck5k wrote

The official app works fine for me. What's better and why?


captain-snackbar t1_isks2tq wrote

Apollo all the way. It’s like you’re trudging knee-deep in mud while you could be walking on pavement.


keralaindia t1_isk8pph wrote

What’s wrong with the official app? I love it.


StatusSea5409 t1_ism0vp4 wrote

Nothing. Some people like it, some people are used to old reddit and the app is pure new reddit so no like. Other apps are a bit easier but nothing wrong with liking what you like.


MudnuK t1_isk7waf wrote

I use the Reddit Sync app. You can upload an image from.your phone entirely within the app and it'll automatically stick it on Imgur with a hyperlink.

Like this


thedemocracyof t1_iskk7qq wrote

I absolutely love how you’re getting downvoted for having a working version of the garbage app


StatusSea5409 t1_ism2aah wrote

It's because they don't won't use imgur. Lol.

You click the link, it takes you to their profile, go to context and you're in a circle, or you just go in a short loop of going to their profile multiple times.

All their photoshops are posts to their account instead of a comment linking to the picture. Reddits app doesn't allow that.


TheRealEthaninja t1_islty7b wrote

Aaaand downvoted. Why? I dunno, reddit reasons

Fyi i upvoted you because f the the system \m/