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Vacuophile t1_isjtwy8 wrote


jejcicodjntbyifid3 t1_isk51ke wrote

This is the closest I've seen but I was hoping someone would just replace her hair with the mushroom too

Or make the mushroom into her hair and her hair into the mushroom

I'm not sure which would be better. But her hair has some strong mushroom vibes


LurkerPatrol t1_iska4em wrote


linco95 t1_islezjt wrote

This is what I expected to be the top post. It was still obvious. It's like it's meant to be.


budango t1_isl99bv wrote

Amazing, now drop her in the mushroom kingdom


Kalsypher t1_isk5fcy wrote

No lie first thing I thought when I seen this was "swap head with puffball" and came to comments to see if it was done. I was not disappointed.