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Johnoss t1_ium5k0z wrote


Now someone just needs to animate is


SurprisedPotato OP t1_iumacg4 wrote

OMG, that tricked my brain into thinking it was an ad (I mean this as a compliment, sorry that's not obvious)


Johnoss t1_iumnm8e wrote

Thank you, I happily accept the compliment! :)


trwwy321 t1_iuorbc8 wrote

To be fair, you were also tricked into thinking that they’re actual drones in the OG pic. (It’s concept art)


TyrannosaurusWest t1_iunf9kc wrote

If you have a Twitter where you share your work there’s a ton of animators/blender artists/cartoonists/etc in that general sphere and one will probably do it just for fun!


sp4cerat t1_iumie44 wrote


kaest t1_iumphhg wrote

Seriously, it's not drones.


Defiant_Prune t1_iumroos wrote

Drones aren’t real?


Jurserohn t1_iumtije wrote

Turns out drones are actually organic birds. We've been lied to in both directions


Pip201 t1_iumum3g wrote

I love telling people that my conspiracy theory is that drones aren’t real, and that they’re just birds


gitartruls01 t1_iuntpzk wrote

No, drones are just government birds dressed up as drones


niallporter t1_iun7yox wrote

It’s also not what Whitby abbey looked like.


kdt912 t1_iuomuh2 wrote

Oh damn I had no idea, thanks for pointing that out

Edit: upon looking a little closer it looks like the reconstruction I linked ignores the arches on the walls which makes me skeptical of how accurate it is


StatusSea5409 t1_iuox05l wrote

Any reason UK isn't/hasn't tried reconstruction of it?


Toxicseagull t1_iup712n wrote

Why would we? You'd ruin it.


slynas t1_iuqat6r wrote

Re-ruin it.

Suppose they could tender the job on


Toxicseagull t1_iuqv68b wrote

If we wanted to make a statement rebuilding something like this, or create some kind of public works program, places like Rievaulx or lindisfarne would get my vote.

I'd rather Whitbys stayed ruined as it is. Much more on theme I feel.


jack-in-a-box-69 t1_iuq97t1 wrote

It would cost far too much to reconstruct all of the abbeys that have fallen into ruin.

It would destroy the cultural and religious significance that the ruined abbeys highlight.

They’re protected properties and councils/government would have a hard time agreeing on the projects to rebuild.

Most of the UK aren’t catholic so rebuilding abbeys would seem like a huge job for a minority group.


StatusSea5409 t1_iuqbynr wrote

But it'd be pretty and potentially a bigger tourist attraction.


EstorialBeef t1_iuqdn0q wrote

Heritage site, construction will be extortionate, popular as is for the area and we've got tones of others to care about.


EuroPolice t1_iumtehi wrote

maybe virtual drones


WhatNameToChose1 t1_iunm31s wrote

Nft drone


ChefKraken t1_iun7wdl wrote

You photoshopped it back to real life, it's already CGI lol


dymogeek t1_iunr6ft wrote


Krepitis t1_iuo2zl7 wrote

Just hit me with a whole flood of Saturday morning memories


StatusSea5409 t1_iuoxatr wrote

Didn't peewee do something bad?


Krepitis t1_iuoxim3 wrote

Kinda? He was caught jerking off at a porno theater. Rather tame these days, I feel..


Brickhead88 t1_iuo78ur wrote


davidgrayPhotography t1_iuozwfv wrote

I came here to make the joke that that's where you get the glider in Breath of the Wild, but you beat me to it.


[deleted] t1_iulowai wrote



ApiContraption t1_iulowb1 wrote

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Aidentified t1_ium3ttt wrote

I live in Whitby and this isn't real. It was a Photoshop, alongside a few other monuments, as a demo. Trust me, there is NO way you could do this with current drone tech at Whitby Abbey, it's impossibly windy up on the cliffs.


smartshoe t1_ium8dat wrote

Thanks for clarifying, I went to Whitby as a tourist years ago and thought the same thing.

Interesting to see what the ruins would have looked like in any case though


Stone_tigris t1_ium948f wrote

I’m afraid this isn’t what the ruins would have looked like. Absolutely made up. Those flying buttresses for a start are codswallop


smartshoe t1_iumbi6i wrote

Oh wow yeah, I just looked at a virtual reconstruction,

No flying buttresses, center elevated section didn’t have a pointed roof, it was like a castle turret

The “drone” photoshop definitely took some liberties


xrumrunnrx t1_iunpqd2 wrote

I think I'm just in a mood, but fuck this is aggravating all the way down.

Not drones? Fine, still cool. Oh, not actually how the building looked? Well, maybe we don't know for sure and it's an educated guess. Oh, we have reconstructions to use as a guide and it's not even similar? THEN WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS EVER FOR!?


iSmellMusic t1_iun3quv wrote

OP saw this in another sub read the title.did no further research and cross posted it 🙄


j2o1707 t1_iunmq3h wrote

Man I used to go to Whitby every year to visit my nanna. I went to Scarborough last week and it's made me want to go back to Whitby again. Been over 10 years now. I need to take my son...


Aidentified t1_iuobmhp wrote

I've been here for a couple of years now, it's an amazing feeling to call the cobbles I walked as a kid on holiday my home.


j2o1707 t1_iuoqxew wrote

Yeah I bet. It's a gorgeous, hilly town. Absolutely loved the place and have very fond memories.


Kie723 t1_iulrjl1 wrote

Wow, amazing photo


3z3ki3l t1_iulsct5 wrote

It is not real, it’s already an edit. If it’s actually drones, it’s one drone that someone flew around and took a bunch of pics of. If it was multiple drones, like a drone show, they would crash in each others’s downdraft. Particularly the ones making up the flying(lol) buttresses.

But in any case, pretty incredible artwork. I would love to know the artist.


imanon33 t1_ium2wtf wrote

We're all stars now... In the drone show.


Impudenter t1_iuony0v wrote

I'm disappointed by the lack of Pac-Man photoshops in this thread.


Fortysevens11 t1_iuq6jnl wrote

it's really frustrating that this sub is basically just r/pics and no one who posts here actually cares about how photoshop-worthy their post is


Torrrs t1_iunnzi2 wrote

Isn't this where you marry Ranni in Elden Ring?