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Coogcheese t1_iux401l wrote


dribblesnshits t1_iux8z0e wrote

This was honestly my first thought, man's puppeting that rainbow birb


_AlreadyTaken_ t1_iuxtbpe wrote

And his face looks like it has been filtered. His skin is strangely devoid of any texture.


ubermeisters t1_iuybs6u wrote

the whole image has been heavily edited, which is against the rules here, but I'm guessing nobody cares. at a minimum, structure and lighting has been edited in an HDR process, and a smart surface filter of sorts has been applies as well, he looks literally brand new from the factory, not a hint of weathering/wear on his skin at all. even his nipples are pristine. it looks fucking awful...


leedsylfc t1_iv07lgu wrote

He looks like a created manager/regen player off football manager


BigShrimp10 t1_iuwah8a wrote


imgroxx t1_iuweweg wrote

I have beheld it.

Now what do I do?


dragonloverlord t1_iuwihl2 wrote

Put a pen in it...


Almost_Ascended t1_iuybzmx wrote

I was told that a maid costume is involved.


dragonloverlord t1_iv1v48c wrote

Only once a day and pointy end first also don't be cheaping out now...


PS. Little Nicky for the win.


Spiritofhonour t1_iuwp3hp wrote

"Why does the pineapple have claws?"

"The better to eat you."

(Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain. It breaks down proteins and it's an excellent meat tenderizer. It's also what makes your mouth tingle, burn and maybe even bleed. This is because bromelain is trying to break down the proteins in your mouth, so when you eat pineapple, it's pretty eating you back.)


MeepingSim t1_iuy3zz1 wrote

I always say "tastes like burning!" when I eat pineapple. It doesn't; it's a funny quote from The Simpsons and it makes my wife laugh.


bretto2004 t1_iuxg5lo wrote

Please, somebody keep this going! I want to see a combination of the parrot holding the man, holding the pineapple... but the dude from the original "man holding pineapple" photoshop sensation needs to be in there somehow

Wish i had time for photoshop


jhugh t1_iuxqfjh wrote

Switch sad Keanu for parrot.


The_Tree_Beard t1_iuwt837 wrote


WaywardTraveller t1_iux1jq6 wrote

Could you make our man here wink, or wiggle his ears, or flex his pecks or something? It's just coming across as a bit fake to me...

Edit: Sorry for forgetting to clarify this is nothing but a joke intended to add light to an absolutely fantastic job. Sheesh.


DuncanvBaas t1_iux3xnx wrote

you don’t think the flowing feathers are vage?

it’s photoshop. It’s art


WaywardTraveller t1_iux4nje wrote

You really truly are one of those that think I posted that seriously aren't you?

I'm having a really hard time comprehending how anyone could possibly take my comment as being serious.


DuncanvBaas t1_iux4unh wrote

my bad, just not the typical kinda satire you see on here 😅


WaywardTraveller t1_iux562v wrote

Lol it's not even satire, it's simply joshing around in good fun, how is that not obvious?

Anyways, thanks for at least accepting the explanation!


PropogandaLens t1_iuypgh6 wrote

People are very critical so a unironic comment like yours is not uncommon


whowherenow t1_iuymk1h wrote

Today I learned about using /s at the end of a sarcastic comment or joke. It helps the fellow redditors understand you aren’t serious.


WaywardTraveller t1_iv0ggfy wrote

Just FYI, that is for indicating sarcasm, of which my comment was completely lacking.


Curazan t1_iuy12gj wrote

Those feathers moving is pure /r/Replications.


NyukComics t1_iux2j6l wrote


mattrixd t1_iuzn071 wrote

Holy fuck that caught me off guard 😂


filmjeff t1_iuwzran wrote


LastGoldenFlower t1_iux4gc3 wrote

Ah! You unlocked such a memory!


ScoobySnacks801 t1_iuxddf9 wrote

I’m Russian, I like long stories!


LastGoldenFlower t1_iuxfhzl wrote

Oh it's nothing crazy, but back when I was a child this was one of favourite movies ever! I cried and laughed so much about it back when if you wanted to watch a movie you had to be either lucky enough to find it in a rent store or waiting for it to be broadcasted again and maybe record it.

Sadly, I was still very young and couldn't remember the actual name (also it was different in my country) and if a recording ever existed, it got lost during the years, I'm so happy that I could find it again after almost twenty years!


ScoobySnacks801 t1_iuxgio0 wrote

Yeah dude it’s one of my favorite movies too! I think I’m gonna show it to my kids this weekend.

I say taco, they say taco! Taco taco taco!


critic2029 t1_iv0fljf wrote

I saw this movie for the first time when I was 20 and I sobbed like a baby.


LastGoldenFlower t1_iv0g4ni wrote

The scene where they clip his wings? I'm still crying thinking about it. And when later he realizes that he can fly again and goes back to his friend? My heart is melting, I can't-


ubermeisters t1_iuyje2k wrote

Fixed the picture. Thinking it may be an AI generated image even because of how terrible the skin effect looked in the original. This wasn't a small task on my end, can't believe i just spent that much time reversing how bad this looked. i used 3d character model textures desaturated as hard light layers.


DerVerdammte OP t1_iuyldae wrote

Wow, this is really impressive! Its like backwards blurring. Love it!


hotdiggydog t1_iv0bnpz wrote

I kinda wish you'd added some hair on his nipples too, it looks like really weird to me how it's suddenly hairless. I dunno what that says about me


ax_colleen t1_iv0a8eh wrote

This was my thought as well. I don't have proof it's AI though. I don't think so because of the hand.


already_taken-chan t1_iuwme37 wrote


striderwhite t1_iuwsegm wrote

You should use and app like background eraser... 😝


Isthismytrashaccount t1_iuxmp4a wrote

Or… photoshop?


sweptawayfromyou t1_iuxtt1a wrote

Bruh… I don’t even have photoshop and have had successful submissions in the sub!


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pewpewshazaam t1_iuwquw8 wrote

Dude looks plenty photoshopped already..


TheApathetic t1_iuwx8n2 wrote

Facetune even blurred around his nipple to make sure his skin is smoother than a baby's.


mmaster23 t1_iuyrw4x wrote

He looks like he's about to tell us about today's sponsor FFFREESSSHHHHBOOOOOOKKKSSSSS.