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BigShrimp10 t1_iuwah8a wrote


imgroxx t1_iuweweg wrote

I have beheld it.

Now what do I do?


dragonloverlord t1_iuwihl2 wrote

Put a pen in it...


Almost_Ascended t1_iuybzmx wrote

I was told that a maid costume is involved.


dragonloverlord t1_iv1v48c wrote

Only once a day and pointy end first also don't be cheaping out now...


PS. Little Nicky for the win.


Spiritofhonour t1_iuwp3hp wrote

"Why does the pineapple have claws?"

"The better to eat you."

(Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain. It breaks down proteins and it's an excellent meat tenderizer. It's also what makes your mouth tingle, burn and maybe even bleed. This is because bromelain is trying to break down the proteins in your mouth, so when you eat pineapple, it's pretty eating you back.)


MeepingSim t1_iuy3zz1 wrote

I always say "tastes like burning!" when I eat pineapple. It doesn't; it's a funny quote from The Simpsons and it makes my wife laugh.


bretto2004 t1_iuxg5lo wrote

Please, somebody keep this going! I want to see a combination of the parrot holding the man, holding the pineapple... but the dude from the original "man holding pineapple" photoshop sensation needs to be in there somehow

Wish i had time for photoshop


jhugh t1_iuxqfjh wrote

Switch sad Keanu for parrot.