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Affectionate_Room_38 t1_iuxwbrf wrote Partially extended dog


jsenglish610 OP t1_iuy13iq wrote

This made me laugh pretty hard.


DrJekylMrHideYoWife t1_iuz5ssm wrote

Do you mind if I ask where you got this picture? It looks identical to my dog and I've always wondered his breed!


jsenglish610 OP t1_iuzax8x wrote

I took this picture of my dog, Bootsy, yesterday. According to the DNA test I had done, he’s roughly 1/2 American pit bull terrier, 1/4 American Staffordshire terrier, 1/8 German short haired pointer and the rest super mutt (a bunch of other breeds that can’t be determined).


lmdvda t1_iv0hjdv wrote

Was it expensive, the test? I always wondered what is my dog's ancestry.


jsenglish610 OP t1_iv0tayb wrote

It was $159, but that includes breed/ancestry as well as a health report, which looks for genetic markers of various health traits. You can also find siblings/family members of your dog if they have also done the test. I connected with 3 of my dog’s siblings owners. It’s almost exactly like 23 and me, but for dogs, and called Embark.


Whitechapel726 t1_iuz6cd6 wrote

Same! I saw it and immediately showed it to my fiancé cause it looks exactly like my dog as a puppy


pitoriceshard t1_iuz7une wrote

Same, looks just like my puppy, we think she’s a patterdale terrier mix.


glesgalion t1_iv0b217 wrote

Was just about to say! I have a Patterdale 😁 great dogs but crazy energy


ashiwaza t1_iuzgz9s wrote

You are the proud owner of a GBD. Generic Black Dog. It's sort of a default option they rotate back to when people aren't trying to fuck with them and turn them into pugs and suchlike.

Best dog for our family.


A fellow GBD owner


outofgamut t1_iv0pefy wrote

My dog looks almost identical.

He’s 1/4 each:

  • Catahoula
  • Great Dane
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Bull Arab (probably the most dominant breed in him).

jsenglish610 OP t1_iv0ulc4 wrote

Ha…he does, but your dog looks bigger. My dog is only about 48 pounds. Handsome boy you’ve got there.


SarniPL t1_iv0z58r wrote

Ours is IDENTICAL. Even has the exact same white pattern on her paws. We think she’s a greyador though, a mix of a greyhound and a labrador. She definitely does run like a greyhound.


77fishy t1_iuz8hbh wrote

This looks a lot like my dog too. My dog was a rescue from Texas.


NerdyCat18 t1_iuzni4z wrote

Ours also looks the same! He was rescued from Cali


perezdan4 t1_iv0j8hj wrote

Mine looks exactly the same and it was from Texas. I rescued him in N.J


Adk318 t1_iv0u69j wrote

My dog was also a rescue from Texas (Austin) he was from a litter that was surrendered. Look very similar to this dog


jsenglish610 OP t1_iv0uygz wrote

Bootsy was also a rescue. We got him in Phoenix, AZ, but I guess his litter was found/surrendered in Wilcox, AZ.


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jacobwebb57 t1_iuyizb3 wrote

my dog get soo flat like this she could slide right through a crevice in a wall


NerdyCat18 t1_iuzn7x4 wrote

Can I ask how old your pupper is, and what breed? We rescued our boy back in March and the resemblance between them is crazy! Anywho, im excited to see the photos that come out of this!


jsenglish610 OP t1_iv0tksx wrote

He’s almost 11 months old.

Edit: he’s roughly 1/2 American pit bull terrier, 1/4 American Staffordshire terrier, 1/8 German short haired pointer and the rest super mutt (a bunch of other breeds that can’t be determined).


Aesthenaut t1_iv0117r wrote

Hey! This dog looks practically identical to my dog. Does the tail be curly af?