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MelvinDickpictweet t1_ivnrx21 wrote


darkmaster666 t1_ivo14kj wrote

I imagined it almost like this except the dog itself was the helicopter.


Ralakhim t1_ivpf6sx wrote

Where we dropping my fellow good boys?


dystopika t1_ivopj8t wrote


derickkcired t1_ivpv7kx wrote

I don't comment on this sub much but damn that's impressive.


Loot_my_body t1_ivqkj2p wrote

I’ve seen a lot of posts in this group in many years, but this is the’ best effort I’ve ever seen. You killed it!


thecwestions t1_ivpv8bo wrote

Santa getting ready for Oprah's new Shiba-Edition Christmas special?


BoysenberryFair9846 t1_ivnxewk wrote


Arammil1784 t1_ivnz5rk wrote

"Oops! We couldnt find that page!"


The_Seakow t1_ivprfam wrote

Yeah I got a video about boxers with down syndrome and was very confused.


Lolleos t1_ivphehq wrote

All jokes aside, and pardon me going a bit off-topic, this strikes a cord on me as it reminds me of the horrible work safety ethics of the past where dogs would be taken on-site in construction companies without any care of their behavior which would, most obviously, turn erratic when you factor in heights, noise, and general hectic environment (pic included of actual on-site pic with poor extremely frightened dog), which led to many, many dogs falling from mid-build skyscrapers, to the point of actually making it to the news as there existed a risk of humans getting killed by one of these flying pooches, a happening that ended up being dubbed by the 30s media as the 'dogeorites' (dog + meteorite I guess? sounds dumb anyways).


Tha_NexT t1_ivpor45 wrote

Too high effort for reddit. You need the "/s" or most people will not get it.


DungeonsandDevils t1_ivpwjz1 wrote

I didn’t even question it, I was like “haha yeah seems about right, people take their dogs inappropriate places”


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ToolMeister t1_ivp29p9 wrote

That's a lot of weight for a shower curtain rod.


smthngwyrd t1_ivplwdz wrote

Same! It’s to trim their nails but not super sturdy


blueguy211 t1_ivnmhro wrote

what will it be Mr. Bond trim ur nails or perish in the river below


stevez28 t1_ivp2438 wrote

I'm hoping for a Shooting Stars video


mememory t1_ivoyuja wrote

He have that "you probably wonder how i ended up in this situation" face


gekko2037 t1_ivpg1uk wrote

He looks ready to fight. That little guy is not happy


gdcunt t1_ivoiqld wrote

How'd he get up there?? What's he doing?????


[deleted] t1_ivnav8a wrote



adamhanson t1_ivnhzwz wrote

Most likely for toenail clipping. You don’t leave them there. Plenty of treats.


hanaeri OP t1_ivnj2fg wrote

it's for toenail clipping and she's there for a few minutes tops. i don't see how it's that different from being tied up at the neck when she's at the groomer.


Firm_CandleToo t1_ivnqzd1 wrote

Lol your fine my shiba will try to bite at you when we do the nails so we do the samething 😂😂🤷‍♂️

They are perfectly safe, and for some reason mine goes full limp if lifted