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imgroxx t1_ivqxvwt wrote

This is so ridiculous, I love it


jxy2016 t1_ivraibh wrote

Im staring at it but my brain just won't process it lol


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ButtsPie t1_ivqt83q wrote

Isn't the cat just lying down? Or was OP intentionally saying the opposite, as a joke?


patchoreilly OP t1_ivtey8d wrote

This was my first post to PsBattles. Didn’t know titles shouldn’t be leading, in terms of perception.


ButtsPie t1_ivtfnh6 wrote

I see! I'm not super familiar with the rules either, to be honest.

The cat doesn't register as "running" to me, but I can see the resemblance! I got confused and wondered if maybe you thought the cat was expertly painted onto the rug or something, haha.