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mrvoxen t1_ixd63p2 wrote


originalusername__ t1_ixe1mmb wrote

Oh shit where do I get tickets for this Daft Punk show?


theveryrealreal t1_ixemzib wrote

Tickmaster. Just login yesterday at 29:05


Watahandrew1 t1_ixeow3l wrote

Aaaaaand they're all sold out but they're all being resold at another sketchy website for 5000% markup.


Strange-Bar8952 t1_ixgd5gf wrote

Even without the instruments this makes the perfect album cover photo


murten101 t1_ixf4m6b wrote


RoyalLimit t1_ixfwd3b wrote

Definitely having early 2000s Nu Metal vibes lol


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ApiContraption t1_ixcyfiu wrote

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bahgheera t1_ixeygnw wrote

I thought this was a Pink Floyd album cover for a sec.


Guac__is__extra__ t1_ixf708i wrote

I thought it was a still shot from a video game


Allaun t1_ixgbprx wrote

I could totally see this being a mission in Payday 3.


DaMlgMasta2995 t1_ixf96h0 wrote

One of them needs a medic bag


WinderTP t1_ixh2xli wrote

The one on the right is clearly a Stoic


Astral_MarauderMJP t1_ixfl2qx wrote

I dont have any photoshop skills but I'm pretty sure this would would make a great PayDay 2 skin.


[deleted] t1_ixh7n1k wrote



have_you_eaten_yeti t1_ixhm3sf wrote

I think the protestors want them to set limits on dumping at sea and for things like fuel efficiency and better emissions filters. Ships are definitely the most efficient method for moving product, but they do pollute a lot and much of that is because of lack of regulation.


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BurnSWE t1_ixgk8py wrote

I do feel like the "sustainability" tag at the end of the article is trying to make it seem like burning "fossil fuels" isnt at all bad for the climate.

It is not what she is writing I know. But her entire career has been based on plastics and she is telling us about where "fossil fuels" come from, but it doesnt make it sustainable. It is the tag that ircs me :-)


Corerue t1_ixh3r7r wrote

True and I'm all for making sure we live in a more sustainable world. But defacing art. Heated demonstrations are not the way.

They need to be using all this money and their following to make a company that solely focuses on bringing green energy forward.

Anything else is just wasting time. And bot of boy first time I've ever had si many negatives lmfao.


BurnSWE t1_ixh63ci wrote

Dude, I got more downvotes discussing what differentiates a "miniatures wargame" from a "board wargame".


Corerue t1_ixhzg1r wrote

Lmfao. That's so sad but hilarious. 😆 🤣 Warganers are a tough lot (some are easily butthurt too.) Just like climate folk.