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_oscar_goldman_ t1_ixfs0yn wrote

Yeah, fuck this. Animal abuse. Nothing funny about it


lightyearfromreality OP t1_ixgprza wrote

She's a foster cat. She was about twice the size she should be at first, but slowly working down to a healthier weight under vet supervision. I don't know much about her past, but I assure you that she is not currently experiencing anything close to abuse. And I definitely appreciate your concern.


Kyle_01110011 t1_ixg2z0y wrote

Trust me, coming from a cat owner and lover I totally agree with the weight issue. But this is most likely not OP's cat and this is photoshop battles where people come for a laugh or just to see some peoples art amongst this difficult thing we call life. So I wouldn't let it ruin your night if I was you.