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SuchCoolBrandon t1_ixiyxe5 wrote

Maybe some photoshoppers like to work with more simple source material and others like to have lots of details to work with. Having a variety of requests enables people of all styles to contribute. While I agree the original photo was already funny, meme culture these days thrives on iteration.


AholeBrock t1_ixizhr0 wrote

And artists only thrive and grow when they can healthily accept and digest critique


MyDudeNak t1_ixjm2s7 wrote

So what are you? Because you are responding to every comment like it's an attack. The photo is fine and produced some quality shops, no need to get your panties in a bunch. It looks like you have zero contributions to this sub, so perhaps the thing to do is simply hold your fingers and quit bitching.


AholeBrock t1_ixjma5v wrote

No I'm not. I'm just vibing and craving quality content. Pointing out that people aren't actually countering my argument when they disagree with it isn't an emotional response. It's not me feeling attacked. It's me saying "sure you said that thing about my opinion but it doesn't actually change or contradict anything I've said" Change my mind with some quality content if it hurts you so much that you need to comment on someone else's opinion of art.


MyDudeNak t1_ixjmsqa wrote

"Change my mind"

It's pretty much impossible to change someone's opinion if it's based on emotion and not reason, and there is no one more emotive than a redditor who decided they are entitled to something 😂 .

If you're gonna bitch about the shops, make your own posts.

This sub is built on zany pictures, get over yourself.


AholeBrock t1_ixjmy85 wrote

Your issue is that it's actually impossible to change someone's mind when you are ignoring their points and projecting your own insecurities at them. I respectfully outlined plenty of reason. Very little has been offered in opposition; none by you, but sure go off and ignore that fact while using words wrong.


MyDudeNak t1_ixjnz3s wrote

Okay, lets go back to your original comment. You think that there is nothing shoppable about this pic because it is already funny and wacky while completely ignoring the fact that people have already taken the subjects of the photo and put them in other funny situations.

Maybe you should take your own advice and make a shop with the setting as the focal point instead of the subjects to prove your point, because it seems like you have a lot to say without anything of substance to back it up🤭 . The real problem is that you lack introspection, and take every statement as an attack because you lack the ability to digest and accept critique.


AholeBrock t1_ixjohmk wrote

Yes. 3 people so far have photo shopped the source material. Look at how many people agree with my comments[(16 upvotes at the time of this posting:16 hours into the post) and I can only imagine it has to actually have much more to be counteracting this negative emotional reaction we are seeing]. Imagine how many of the people agreeing with me might participate in a Photoshop battle with better source material... Art is open to constructive criticism and just because you dont personally like or agree with a critique doesn't make it wrong. It is no reason to baselessy attack the person who made the point without reason either. Just because you can't find an angle to counter-critique an idea is no excuse to attack people instead. And for the record: the only thing I'm taking as a personal attack is literally you gas lighting me to tell me I'm taking "everything as a personal attack". Cos everything else in this thread was just artistic critique and opinions being shared and tested