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f700es t1_ixi9k1g wrote

Be gentle, it's my 1st time ;)


TheOneFrank OP t1_ixif2n3 wrote

This is AWESOME, the lights and shadows blend so well! The resolution of both are similar and the concept fits amazingly! Astounding!!


f700es t1_ixj24w5 wrote

Lol, thanks. Got lucky


smoll_sheep t1_ixjlfqq wrote

well then your first time was just about perfection, in my opinion he could have been a fraction smaller to fit the board better but other than that amazing job :)


Paranoid_Redditor_CA t1_ixk8ydr wrote

I thought ur comment was the caption for ur image. Was expecting a photoshop of spanking. But you pleasantly surprised me.