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RedOrchestra137 t1_ixjzshg wrote

That guy is about to meet a suspicious man with an umbrella walking down the street. Or he might get invited for tea with one of putin's associates


Teftell t1_ixknw0s wrote

That guy is Philipp Kirkorov, a singer, he basicly owns a significant chunk of Russian entertainment industry. Also his scenical looks kinda contradict to "muh traditional sociaty" agenda in Russia, but no one touches him due to that because where are untouchable people in Russia who can do whatever the fuck they want.


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When we shake hands you are to tilt your head down towards me. I will keep my head level and maintain eye contact. This will make you look like you are too big instead of me looking too small.

  • Putin probably

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MangaOtaku t1_ixkcwk6 wrote

Looks like Philipp kirikorov


crap-zapper t1_ixkk88j wrote

It is. Cancer to the people.


nevrmor42 t1_ixlbk4b wrote

Not sure why you are down voted – didn't expect to find Kirkorov's fans here. But yea, he isn't a nice person


Yrcrazypa t1_ixk9bsl wrote

Not pictured, Putin standing on a soapbox.