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artunitinc t1_j1xjb59 wrote


artunitinc t1_j1xymtu wrote


SmoothOperator89 t1_j1y4z16 wrote

Perfect flavour text.

"Follow the light. In its absence, follow her."


On2you t1_j1zeabd wrote

Should have put it on one of the older versions like 5th edition. The ability explanation text really detracts IMO.


erikfried t1_j1zne9t wrote

When I saw OP’s pic, I immediately thought of Serra Angel.


Cosmic-Warper t1_j1xkt2e wrote

I would say that's a broken ass effect, but knowing modern day yu-gi-oh it's probably average


troll_berserker t1_j1xo1z4 wrote

The effect is good but the condition to use it (having exhausted literally every one of your other resources) is way too strict. It's not really playable outside of casual settings.


kwcty6888 t1_j1y4uv8 wrote

The fact that a poster below revealed it's a real card makes this really funny to me


PlsSuckMyToes t1_j1xnsm2 wrote

All it really says is "gets Ash Blossom'd"


NickCudawn t1_j1yvbym wrote

I'm not really too familiar with how the game works, but I don't know how "destroy as many cards as possible" would work. Could someone explain?


bbq420 t1_j2110d2 wrote

Say your opponent has 5 cards on their side of the field, but one cards flavour text is ”cannot be removed or destroyed by other card effects”. You won’t be able to rid that one, but you’ve got the go-ahead to destroy other relevant cards, so long as it’s not negated.


MyPasswordIs222222 t1_j1y2wzg wrote

Hey! Wanna know how dumb I am? I forgot what sub I was in and I thought you were showing where her costume idea came from.

So then I start googling, 'Miss Ukraine cos-play' for more information on the game this came from....


MundaneClick t1_j1ydenz wrote

I’m waiting for the war hammer 40k saint photoshop


Dengar96 t1_j1z05kq wrote

How has nobody pointed out her outfit looks identical to the Valkyries from God of war as well? Would be pretty fitting too.


GladFly666 t1_j1xnhs5 wrote

I'd probably main her


shesonastride t1_j1yfnwf wrote

Can some put her in the background stalking miss Russia who is like, oh shit


cwg1983 t1_j1yu8e9 wrote

What a cute pussy! (But it looks kind of sad) Edit: This was not the right picture… Edit: That main would probably whoop some serious ass!


gw812 t1_j1yxjs4 wrote

Mistaken post, but actually a win at the same time


cwg1983 t1_j1yxt4z wrote

Well, uhm… thanks. The pussy comment was looking at a girls legs from above with a cute sad kitten looking into the camera from her groin area.


Sarkos t1_j1yef9h wrote


Berkamin t1_j1yoc04 wrote

For those who don't know, that's German for "the Putin the!"


Hostile_Raccoon t1_j1ypo7x wrote

No one who speaks German can be an evil man


R4yvex t1_j1yxjx0 wrote

Reminds me about the German version of The Sims.. "DIE SIMS" 😳


Yngva t1_j1z0odi wrote

Ahhh, that’s the reason why my sims had to die somehow while playing „Die Sims“


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lag_bender t1_j1ya3tg wrote

Should be protection from white blue and red


Diet_Fanta t1_j1ygt7m wrote

Russia is anything but blue.


LiwetJared t1_j1ygvhj wrote

Was thinking of the Communist flag. Looking it up, maybe Red and White would have worked better.


misosoup7 t1_j22qhzk wrote

But Russia/Putin isn't Communist... It's authoritarian for sure but Putin isn't even part of the communist party. Communist parties are usually left leaning, and the party that supports Putin and his policies are a right wing party...


Rabunum t1_j1ybjzu wrote

No flavor text?


LiwetJared t1_j1ygrag wrote

Couldn't think of anything pertinent though it probably would have been a quote by Volodymyr Zelenskyy.


Tovell t1_j1zvg5n wrote

Red and yellow were the Soviet colors though.


LiwetJared t1_j20pnd2 wrote

Yeah, probably should have been protection from Red and White but it feels weird on a white card.


SmoothOperator89 t1_j1y59oj wrote

Well there's an overpowered card if I've ever seen one.


Penguinfan17 t1_j1y92df wrote

It's worse than baneslayer angel, a card printed 13 years ago that has become the gold standard of "no, that's not that great".


ThrashTrash66 t1_j1z75zo wrote

Outside of stax pieces something that can only stall the game without winning it can't really be overpowered. If this were printed it would probably see side board play in a control deck, best case scenario.


Zed_Ned t1_j1ytyhw wrote


chuckdaniels74 t1_j1zy96f wrote

Damn I have to replay now!


Zed_Ned t1_j20kdoj wrote

My first serious game on PC, we still play multiplayer with lads from time to time:D. Check fan made project Horn of the abbys, if you really loved the game, it's awesome.


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MetaMythical t1_j1x5zkc wrote

No wonder Russia wants to be in Ukraine 😏


WATCHGUY1983 t1_j20o99y wrote

Except, most Ukrainians are Russians? Ukraine became a country in 1991. The Ukrainian "language" is essentially Russian, with 70% commonality and the Ukrainian words viewed as "slang" and "dialect".

More than half the country identifies as Russian. I mean, i know CNN doesnt provide this on their background of the "War" in Ukraine, but facts are facts..


RagingDenny t1_j1xgy2m wrote

Someone photoshop this into a magic card


dragoono t1_j1xksae wrote

Someone did!


Yabba_Dabba_Doofus t1_j1xlet6 wrote

It was Yu-Gi-Oh, but I'm glad someone said it. My first thought was [[Serra Angel]]


Jonatc87 t1_j1zpjk1 wrote

no league of legends kayle skin reference?