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j4ckbauer t1_j15c5t0 wrote

Anyone know what this photo is from, is that really an eye? Do we know if the eye is functional?


jakob767 t1_j185o0i wrote

Looks like the farmer tried to kill it but it survived and now just has a hole in its forehead.


Ur3rdIMcFly OP t1_j19sai8 wrote

Apparently, it’s now in an animal sanctuary in India, bought for $5,000 pounds.

They named it Mahadev, another name of Shiva, The Destroyer.


dragoono t1_j14sw4z wrote

This cow is God


happiees t1_j17746d wrote

If this was in India there would be atleast 4 temples and 2 festivals and one holy book about this cow