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Mitrone t1_j2jml56 wrote


laurel_laureate t1_j2jsxhy wrote

Ok but I would play the shit out of a new MIB game, online or not.


ConsistentAsparagus t1_j2lq3b7 wrote

Only if it played on the lore of MiB without referencing directly any movie.


laurel_laureate t1_j2lw1uv wrote

That could work, yeah.

Or, one of the lettered MIB agents was the protagonist and it was set before/after the movies and so the plot had very little if anything to do with them.


CountryGuy123 t1_j2k07sd wrote

You kid, but I could see a MiB MMO FPS like D2 being a potential winner.


WannaHate t1_j2m0jsg wrote

Surprisingly all the items look fitting in his hand, its only uncanny because they all have same pose