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Flash635 t1_j4572oq wrote

Did he take it off his son?


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Bush Jr was dumb and ineffectual but surrounded by the exact type of evil scumbags that worked with his father and he generally deferred to the completely. He was basically a TV figurehead for the elite faction his father sprung from, so we shouldn’t pretend the fact that he was personally a dumbass who didn’t really care about affairs of the state to the same degree made him a better president or anything

Bush Sr could probably tell you the exact supply chain that put this crack in his hands and boy would it include a lot of brave warriors against communism from the School of the Americas. Also one of the only guys in America who doesn’t remember where he was on the day of the JFK assassination (except we know he was in Dallas). Scary motherfucker


Flash635 t1_j46d84c wrote

I used to call Jr and Cheney Pinky and the Brain.


smipypr t1_j48v9rb wrote

Bush Sr. May have been in Dallas, but he called the Houston FBI office about JFK's murder.


draculamilktoast t1_j47ho61 wrote

He was force feeding him it until the proper pronounciation of nuclear was no longer possible, at which point the reptilians agreed to select him as the scapecoat for the atrocities of the new millennium.