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Unrelated but the OG photo was taken in Nickelodeon Universe in American Dream, I work there so it was fun to see


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PizzaVacuum t1_j4lx0wi wrote

Can you please explain how you created this? I’m seeing these gif submissions more and more and it’s very impressive.


dystopika t1_j4m4ddq wrote

It's all Photoshop + After Effects. This is a tutorial I made a while back (originally for an exploitative site that I think people should avoid called "hitrecord"), explaining the basics of my animation process:

Some of it's out of date (especially the site-specific stuff) but those are the basics. I know a small handful of tricks that I use in different ways to create all sorts of animations. There are definitely better and more in-depth tutorials on YouTube that you can find to do just about anything you can imagine.

Photoshop Battles also has a tutorial page full of basics for picture editing, including After Effects:


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azpilot06 t1_j4kgs5v wrote

This tentacle porn thing is getting out of hand.


Until_Morning t1_j4k7804 wrote

I want a man that looks at me the way he looks at Squidward.


cyankitten t1_j4k7g3n wrote

I initially misread this as testicles 🤦🏻‍♀️


Robotguy39 t1_j4kv2dx wrote

Anti homeless Squidward


ErosLament t1_j4l59km wrote

I think it does the opposite


marktherobot-youtube OP t1_j4lpmtj wrote

pretty sure this is some sorta theme park, would be pretty hard to stay there after hours to sleep with Mr tentacles.


broken_moral_compass t1_j4luyph wrote

American Dream mall in New Jersey. Never been there but saw a thing on an engineering YouTube yesterday and recognised the rollercoaster in the background.


emil2015 t1_j4n48lr wrote

It’s actually kind of crazy. I have been there once and the scale of it is impressive. Like you go, yeah it’s a big mall but then you keep walking and it’s like oh wow, that’s entire water park over there.