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Sensitive-Shelter-90 t1_j4pjiuq wrote


kamyizme OP t1_j4q2ls3 wrote

I laughed so hard at this. And to see your process was awesome! Well done.


Anonymous_Eponymous t1_j4qsm23 wrote

Is that Seth Meyers?


BiFrosty t1_j4raq9z wrote

That would actually be a really funny prank, if Seth just shot like thousands of stock photos, without telling anyone, just to eff with people's minds lol


SligPants t1_j4qe9vy wrote


fluffymypillows t1_j4r2jjw wrote

The fact that he died is such an injustice. He’s my favorite character of the season. Such a lovable goofy savant. Especially since i’m originally from Russia, and it’s very rare to see 1) characters speaking actual good russian, and 2) portrayed in such a nice and human way, and not like basically every other russian on the show, cold and evil


SligPants t1_j4r2x1c wrote

Yeah even though he was a relatively minor character, it really hurt me! He was so genuine. Poor Alexei.


fluffymypillows t1_j4ralec wrote

He didn’t want money, or fame, or to hurt people. He just wanted to live his life. From the way he’s acting it’s clear he was robbed of his childhood growing up in USSR. The child-like joy in his eyes at the fair, turned into shock as the bullet hit him, it broke my heart:(


dalekxterminate t1_j4qv2xq wrote

Who's the guy on the left?

Edit: It's Dr. Alexi from Season 3.


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Meranio t1_j4ri4ey wrote

That position was made for such an edit.


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OwIburnedmytongue t1_j4ofrdc wrote

Predator: Vecna did you clean out the garage like I asked you to?
Vecna: I'll do it tomorrow.
Predator: That's what you said yesterday.


Mr_Paper t1_j4pefnu wrote

Doesn't even need an edit, it's already perfect.


coolbond1 t1_j4qj3kp wrote

Is... is that his penis?


OneDiscombobulated77 t1_j4rxikp wrote

Is that your conjoined twin?


coolbond1 t1_j4s916r wrote

Sorry dont know why it double posted.


OneDiscombobulated77 t1_j4s99zw wrote

It didn't. I guess you wanted to edit and accidently posted it another time. How can I tell? One says penis one says dick


coolbond1 t1_j4s9opc wrote

Oh right that explains it, the app said it was not posted so i tried to change it and see if that worked and yea it posted, did not notice it actually got posted.

Btw any clue what the hell that thing is cause it looks kinda sus.