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grafxguy1 t1_j55t760 wrote


Thechosenjon t1_j567noe wrote

why is he standing in front of what appears to be a Windows Vista taskbar or something?


Vroomped t1_j56xwtf wrote

I didn't even notice on my first past. It's so much funnier when that's the part I question.


Ziigurd t1_j56sube wrote

This is the best and worst thing I've seen this year.


PFavier t1_j569o2h wrote

Was thinkingnof a giant buttplug.. this made it complete.


Kriskao t1_j561ht1 wrote

care to explain?

sorry if it is something obvious and I am not getting it

Edit. This question was directed to another edit. It really sucks that one cannot see the pictures when replying. This one is quite obvious indeed and even tough I don’t live in that country I understand the political context.

Sorry if I offended many by appearing to support that former president. I was actually asking about an edit where there is a tiny guy added and nothing else seems to be different.


touchmy3butts t1_j5679v2 wrote

It’s Donald Trump’s stanky orange Big Mac processing asshole.


satansBigMac t1_j568ygo wrote

It’s the secret chamber once you reach the highest level of Trump academy. I heard there’s unlimited Diet Coke and Taco Bell in there.