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xprmntng t1_j64c35i wrote


ElvisDumbledore t1_j65spc3 wrote

I haven't heard the phrase teeter-totter in years, but it was the answer to a crossword puzzle clue like 5 minutes ago.


RealGreeny t1_j63i6dz wrote


elsquish79 t1_j63rhy1 wrote

Damn and I thought they were finally bringing S.O.C.O.M. back....


kevininsimi t1_j65jbfo wrote

I mean let’s be honest it’ll be better than 2042 lol.


Inkrish t1_j64toug wrote


nickeypants t1_j64tndj wrote


ItsMrHealYoGirl t1_j64vjue wrote

I was really hoping it would be Starcraft when I clicked, and I was not disappointed


slamdunktiger86 t1_j655x4l wrote

Bro. You freakin win the internet.

There is no fear like hearing tanks go into siege mode lol


[deleted] t1_j65pmzv wrote

And the god damn little circle of fog or war that cleared as those bastards were decimating my army from up top 😂


[deleted] t1_j64x2j6 wrote

OMG that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the original pic!! Awesome!! Man I miss that game…

“Ready to ROLL OUT!!”


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kabukistar t1_j64jhao wrote

That can't be good for the camel's back


hellfiredarkness t1_j64oi30 wrote

If you fired it on the camels back, you'd break it's back and likely instantly kill it. After all they use the recoil from the first shot to dig the base in


BigoteMexicano t1_j64nwaf wrote

Artillery Camels. That's how Alexander The Great was stopped in India. (The elephants helped too)


ElvisDumbledore t1_j65t2ph wrote

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with camels with frickin' mortar shells.”

― Albert Einstein


medhatsniper t1_j64ifo4 wrote

I don't see a thing, why do you post a random picture of a street


mashiro1496 t1_j640jqy wrote

Hmm, does that mean he does extra damage on mounted units?


eliechallita t1_j66zate wrote

Wasn't this guy the Ottoman special unit in Age of Empires?


portol t1_j64jyhv wrote

lol sauce? curious which country this is


BigoteMexicano t1_j64o4ep wrote

I'm guessing India since the sign is in English.


SovietMarma t1_j64ss7a wrote

The other thing that makes me think this is in India is the guy’s stache being an English mutton chop style mustache. Tho, I’m not entirely sure. I think camels in India are protected wildlife so I don’t think they use them for military parades?


BigoteMexicano t1_j64to1i wrote

Could also be Pakistan maybe? English is still pretty common there, but I can't imagine they'd use it in a military parade. But they might be more likely to use camels in a military parade than India


Inkrish t1_j64u63b wrote

It is Indeed India, it from the republic day parade from 26th January. The camels are not used for artillery though, they are just used for the border patrol where the border passes through the dunes


BigoteMexicano t1_j64usgl wrote

Didn't expect them to actually be used in battle. Kinda surprised they still use them at all outside of ceremonies though. I guess they're better than jeeps in the mountainous boarder regions.


JENSON10 t1_j66ha7d wrote

India and Pakistan share the Thar desert. I doubt Camels are used much these days in a war. But they do look amazing in parades. I believe this is from the Indian Republic Day parade which is celebrated on January 26th.