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terbanator t1_jacmaut wrote

I'm fairly sure this is not a 'a deformity'. This is the result of a craniectomy. A portion of the skull is removed to perform surgery and to reduce intracranial pressure due to swelling. Often the skull flap is actually placed into the abdomen of the patient until it can be put back. I am an Anesthetist who does a lot of neuro cases.


EstroJen t1_jaczubn wrote

How does it get secured in the abdomen? I am imagining it like plate armor over the belly.


terbanator t1_jadlm5l wrote

There is an incision made in the abdomen and a pocket is made where the skull flap is inserted. Basically the skull sits under the skin. This keeps the bone in an environment that is isotonic and warm, plus the hospital cannot lose the bone.


EstroJen t1_jadza7e wrote

>plus the hospital cannot lose the bone.

This made me laugh. How big are the skull flaps?


Gram64 t1_jae9kfi wrote

Nature's fanny pack


EstroJen t1_jaeaole wrote

Nah, that would be more like a kangaroo pouch. This is more like a turtle shell.


4tehlulzez t1_jaczz1i wrote

Where does the brain go? I thought we had important stuff there


snausagesinablanket t1_jad33ie wrote

In the abdomen silly!


cfdeveloper t1_jadqowp wrote

makes sense. I always did think with my stomach. no wonder why I was the easiest to kidnap out of my friends!


phinbar t1_jad41im wrote

You'd be surprised the folks walking around with not much stuff there.


terbanator t1_jadly2n wrote

The brain is surprisingly much smaller than the full shape of the head. There is a thick layer between the scalp and the skull, and the thickness of the bone itself. I definitely was shocked the first time I saw a patient with a craniectomy.


Gram64 t1_jae9os7 wrote

wait, movies and television have lied to us again? Well, that's the last straw.


imamydesk t1_jadnhue wrote

That section of the brain is stored in a jar. It's probably just relaxing there once the pressure is gone.


Wayelder t1_jae898t wrote

generally, the lower lower abdomen ...kinda near the recum, if my experience with people counts for anything. On a clear day you can look up and right at it.


McDuschvorhang t1_jad1b7j wrote

In the right picture: What fills the new space, where now there is a forehead and before was no head?


MRHarville t1_jacyi9z wrote

  • Actually, I believe the original injury was received during a suicide attempt, shotgun under the chin as I recall.

Goodleboodle t1_jad143w wrote

A shotgun under the chin that removes that much skull at the top head is either blowing off a good portion of the face with it or killing the victim... Or both. That definitely looks surgical.


MRHarville t1_jad20g9 wrote

  • I seem to remember seeing this individual on one of those 'you won't believe this shit' clickbait TV shows in the 90's or 00's.

  • As I recall it was a small gauge deer slug, like a .410 and while the brain damage was significant the individual did survive (obviously) and made a fairly decent recovery. As I recall the wound track was smaller than my thumb and travelled almost perfectly between the two frontal lobes.

  • But to respond to your observation the deformity is most likely caused by the surgical removal of the very badly damaged frontal bone. Most likely this was done to prevent infection or further complications from leaving the shattered bone in place.


Goodleboodle t1_jad44zh wrote

That is insane. I was thinking maybe if it was a failed side of the head shot that could have happened. Crazy to think a shotgun slug could travel through that much brain and not kill a person.


unevenlySpike503 t1_jac2ucz wrote

I think the one on the right is the before.


LilNuts t1_jacnoll wrote

No, look at the scar above his ear. On the right it is almost fully healed


Effective_Bedroom708 t1_jactx81 wrote

I can't see the scar on the right one, so it must be earlier.


Brush-and-palette t1_jacur39 wrote

You can't see the giant scar on his scalp? And therefore you've decided that this post isn't real?


Effective_Bedroom708 t1_jad57g8 wrote

I think you’re mixing up left and right - he has a massive scar on the left photo, not the right photo…


Brush-and-palette t1_jad6yzy wrote

He has a massive sutured wound on the left photo. You can see the scar on the right.

Do you know what a scar is? It's a healed wound. You can see it on his scalp dude.


Effective_Bedroom708 t1_jaddcy7 wrote

Obviously we’re looking at two very different things. Each to their own I guess.


Brush-and-palette t1_jadw4yh wrote

We are looking at the same thing, you're just not getting it.

On the picture on the right, above his ear, you can see patches with no hair. That is scar tissue from the healed wound from the picture on the left. This isn't difficult.


LilNuts t1_jacvfqg wrote

There is no hair growth at all there lol, u cant see it??


cravos90 t1_jac4c4m wrote

That must have been one hell of a headbutt.


Jaexyn t1_jad4b9a wrote

Ah yes, the old "lil bit of heat and a plunger" method. Works on cars, why not people?


skalouKerbal t1_jacfrao wrote

What is in the free space? Enough room for a soda can or his phone.


Muckytruckage t1_jac27md wrote

My dumb ass thought he was wearing a blue hat in the first pic.


xGenocidest t1_jacfiho wrote

Vyke is finally free from the Evergaol.


StampYoPassport t1_jacyf8i wrote

From a -2 head back to a 4. Good for him.


BinniH t1_jac7uji wrote

How the hell is that guy still alive?


Topken89 t1_jadcgmf wrote

Bro, give me a couple suction cups and I could have done this for cheaper


cfdeveloper t1_jadqv78 wrote

I thought this was a photoshop filter at first.


walkinparadox t1_jae4c3e wrote

Cover your mouth, Pinch your nose, and Blow


thiscouldbemassive t1_jaeoho3 wrote

If you touched his forehead could you feel his brains?


Alittlemoorecheese t1_jaf1vnz wrote

I'm just gonna believe he put his thumb in his mouth and blew.


NotMyProudestWank69 t1_jacb9j9 wrote

Looks like the poor chap used to let his kids sit on his head too.


SirRockalotTDS t1_jacho38 wrote

So we call surgical procedures deformities now?

Edit: whoever downvoted this is stupid as fuck and even less observant. It's a craniotomy. Look at the scar on the side of his fucking head you dumb shits.