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Shame_Agile OP t1_ja5zo8o wrote

Yes, it's THE DUDE and his beautiful wife Susan


thingsthatgomoo t1_ja6mxlh wrote

My dad has a friend who knows Jeff Bridges and apparently he doesn't like white Russians at all but people buy them for him when he goes out to places because of playing the dude.


Cheops_Parishioner t1_ja6wryj wrote

Think how many Twinkies Woody Harrelson gets.


dullship t1_ja6zc5z wrote

Or Harold Ram...oh ... no I made myself sad.


fibralarevoluccion t1_ja7cnmt wrote

Have you ever had one? They're nasty AF

Edit: downvotes prove reddit is full of teenagers. A white Russian is Kahlua cream that curdles in the presence of vodka. Its disgusting. Don't order it as your first drink when you turn 21 kids you will be so sad


dancrum t1_ja7scck wrote

The hell, white russians are delicious


thingsthatgomoo t1_ja8w45c wrote

I'm almost 30 and white I don't love white Russians they aren't terrible. My old boss loved them though.

Edit: what a weird thing to try and belittle people about though. Everyone likes different stuff.


ringobob t1_ja9wml8 wrote

Black russians are better, but while I wouldn't go out and order them all night, a white russian hits the spot every now and then. If you are feeling spicy, replace cream with bailey's.


Janizzary t1_ja7j06x wrote

The new ones don't have that wonderful plastic rappery taste that I grew up with.


Noisy_Toy t1_ja80z9d wrote

> The new ones don’t have that wonderful plastic rappery taste that I grew up with.

It’s cream, Kahlua, vodka. How does that taste different now than in decades past?


Haunting_Opposite352 t1_ja8vxtu wrote

Try a Cutwater white Russian, they're friggin delicious and get you lit up like a Christmas tree


babylawnmower t1_ja61wfl wrote

She is a STUNNER!


Fallk0re t1_ja6e6cb wrote

That’s just like, your opinion man.


Squirrel_Master82 t1_ja6tlsc wrote

No offense to your friend's mother, but I think I could do Jeff's hair.


Lozsta t1_ja73caa wrote

Could you make less appear more though?


buck45osu t1_ja7c70p wrote

If you haven't already, post this in r/lebowski


southern_boy t1_ja7dby5 wrote

That's not his wife, he's just trying to help her conceive!!


jzgr87 t1_ja7qtld wrote

I’m sure they’ll love that the person who does their hair is passing their photos onto their kids friends to post on Reddit.


DumpsterCheez t1_ja8i4o5 wrote

Why tf would they care? You realize more people probably watched the award show they went to immediately after this photo was taken than will see this post, right?


jzgr87 t1_ja8tldz wrote

You realize that a list actors heavily curate what photos of them get out to the public, right? There’s a reason publicists exist. Just because you don’t know what you’re talking about doesn’t mean you should weigh in.