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alex4nderthegreat t1_j9ytg9z wrote

At least you can clean up after yourself compared to all the other toilet pictures.


The_Primate t1_j9yspyq wrote

I'm not sure if you're bragging or lamenting.

As a Brit living in Europe I'm really confused about why things like cisterns, which often need access for small repairs are tiled in.

I had to take down and then rebuild a tiled wall to replace a rubber washer last week.


ElleRisalo t1_j9z642z wrote

Pretty sure they firing shots at the person from the states who posted their trashy bathroom I'm their 800$ apartment from yesterday or Thursday.


The_Primate t1_j9z6awm wrote

Thanks for filling me in. Context definitely helps.

Edit: just found that post. What a depressing bathroom. Imagine going there to get clean.


ElleRisalo t1_j9z73mj wrote

Ya it is brutal condition. Worse then mine, and I thought mine was dumpy at 650 CAD, seeing that person bathroom certainly made me feel better about mine. Seeing this one however makes me feel worse.


Robscoe604 t1_ja8pvhw wrote

where the hell do you live that you pay 650 canadian rent. In Vancouver you’d get a closet for that much


ElleRisalo t1_ja91l2n wrote

Bach Apt in Halton Hills (GTA ish)

It kind of is a closet.


Robscoe604 t1_ja91o2y wrote

serious i thought GTA had crazy rent too?!


ElleRisalo t1_ja92kww wrote

Not as bad out on the edges. Closer you get to Toronto or the bigger cities the quicker it spikes though.

For comparison where I work in Milton for same size room, in a bit nicer of a building I'd be looking at 1400+ Utilities.

I said fuck that, chose a place in the sticks for 550 all inclusive...what about 7 years ago now?


wanking_to_got t1_j9ytus2 wrote

As a european living in the UK, I'm glad I don't have to use those plastic toilet refreshers anymore and can just drop in a tablet into the cistern.

As a kid, Germany used to have old fashioned toilets like the ones in the UK, but they switched in the 00's to those at some point.


toolix t1_j9z4oh5 wrote

As a european who has just remodeled the bathroom. I chose an old style one as well, but from what i heard, there are rarely any issues with the built in one's and you can access the cistern behind the buttons. I chose the older style since I think it looks better and it is also much cheaper.


TwistedToeRag t1_j9zkr0k wrote

They're in the UK now too in 'modern' flats up and down the country. My flat in ocean village southampton had this exact toilet.

So glad to be in my newly bought 1900s house with a decent toilet and a wood burning stove :)


leto78 t1_ja0a4dw wrote

As a European that used to live in the UK, your bathrooms are the weirdest.

  • Two separate taps because in the past the hot water was not drinkable.

  • No wall sockets expect for some electric shaver socket if you are lucky.

  • carpet on bathroom floor.

  • electric hot water shower (no wall sockets but an electric boiler warning up the water on a damp environment is somehow fine)

  • no bidet.


eugene20 t1_ja1p8v8 wrote

>As a European that used to live in the UK, your bathrooms are the weirdest.
>Two separate taps because in the past the hot water was not drinkable.

Not everyone likes mixer taps.

>No wall sockets expect for some electric shaver socket if you are lucky.

It prevents a lot of serious or lethal accidents. It's a building regulation.

>carpet on bathroom floor.

This is very rare, I've only seen it once.

>electric hot water shower (no wall sockets but an electric boiler warning up the water on a damp environment is somehow fine)

They're specially isolated so safe.

>no bidet.

That depends on where you are in Europe, they're relatively rare in the UK though I've seen plenty of places with them, not usually modern builds though.


stevethezissou t1_ja2u5ab wrote

Everyone likes mixed taps lol. No one ever asked for separate taps to mix in the sink.


eugene20 t1_ja36h2l wrote

Some people just like to stick to what they know and grew up with them separate.Hot water systems are easily contaminated if not kept at a hot enough temperature (60-65c to kill Legionella) , some people still prefer them separate out of paranoia over that still too if the cold is used for drinking.

And just old houses, plenty of people won't spend out on a new sink for fittings for a mixer tap when what is there is working fine.

Split tap bathroom sinks are still made and still sell here.


stevethezissou t1_ja4n24q wrote

Ok yea that’s all fair. I take it back. I’ve just lived in some split tap houses and was always annoyed by it.


Killboypowerhed t1_j9zilak wrote

Mine has a section that pops out to access the cistern


The_Primate t1_j9zjgk3 wrote

I wish that mine did!

I had the same issue in my last place when one of the jets on the spa bath broke. Never even used it as a bath, just as a shower.

Had to take down a wall and retile it once i'd replaced the nozzle. That's twice in 10 years. I mean, it looks better than a plastic panel, but incurs a lot of ballache.

This is in Spain for reference.


SatanLifeProTips t1_ja0c9rf wrote

Let me get this straight. You didn’t change out the tile with a removable piece of stainless steel so that you can just unscrew and silicone it when done? You just took down and remade the tile wall?


gratusin t1_ja1ww89 wrote

Easily accessing the ballcock is important. You never want to struggle to touch the ballcock. It should always be right there when you need it….. ballcock.


The_Primate t1_ja1y6om wrote

There isn't even a ballcock, there's some weird cylinder that slides vertically in a shaft. All well and good unless you have high calcium water that leaves calcium deposits on everything and stops it moving. Which I do and which it does.


gratusin t1_ja34yzc wrote

Damn, that sucks. And here I am sitting on a toilet that I could easily fix by just slightly turning around. Gotta be thankful for the small things I suppose.


Dfeldsyo t1_j9yvnyj wrote

270?! That’s a steal!


AffectionateRaise136 t1_j9z0k4v wrote

Looks better then mine


iast68 t1_ja2lnsq wrote

Much better than mine and I'm paying quite a bit more here in the states


GregHauser t1_j9ywyro wrote

What's with all these bathroom pics? Why no feet pics? The bathroom to feet ratio is getting wonky.


wanking_to_got t1_j9ys5rw wrote



RyanStasiksRattail OP t1_j9ysz6k wrote



wanking_to_got t1_j9yt6yk wrote

270? I assume in the east?


electro1ight t1_j9yyvwv wrote

Germany? He must be sleeping in a bunk bed room with 4 others in a house with 3 bedrooms packed the same. This is just the nice bath cause it's Germany.


wanking_to_got t1_j9z1ofv wrote

There are cold war era mass apartment blocks and they have been modernised in the last decades. New kitchens and bathrooms. But you have to drive a bit for jobs and you might hear the neighbours television due to thin walls.

Everywhere else in Germany, apartments usually start around 300 to 400. Decent ones are around 500-800.


LisPiortus7 t1_j9yslmt wrote

My shot is, Poland


wanking_to_got t1_j9ysubq wrote

Do they have the Euro?


LisPiortus7 t1_j9yu1m0 wrote

No, but maybe he had converted it


ElleRisalo t1_j9z6uah wrote

To be fair Euro is accepted in Poland, it's just not nationalized as a currency because the Zloty (sp?) Doesn't meet exchange/retainer threshold yet.

So they could be paying in Euro if the landlord accepts it. Banks in Poland transfer Zloty to Euro and back every day.


chimpyjnuts t1_j9zc0y6 wrote

Hope that shower helps wash off that gross socialism! /s


NiknameOne t1_j9zfcny wrote

This is definitely the bathroom I have ever seen.


i_cum_while_pooping t1_j9zilni wrote

Indeed, definitely one of the bathrooms I've seen.


dude222 t1_j9z1akr wrote

So we've moved on from comparing grocery trips it seems?


Daddy-OHHH t1_j9ywi2u wrote

You probably have universal healthcare too?


Rhythmic88 t1_j9z8q9h wrote

Nice 18 in one soap.

I finally tried one of the other uses and used it as refill for foaming soap hand wash. Works great.


alteredmood t1_j9zjl6v wrote

Typical question from USA. What's the device on the wall behind the toilet.


effreti t1_j9zve2v wrote

Flush buttons, small one is short flush, big one is longer flush with more water


rustranch t1_j9zkp2d wrote

how many people do you have to share that with?


Grgyl t1_j9zlrpg wrote

Very pleasant shit station


Bad_Manners1234 t1_j9zshqc wrote

so it is cheap as it's provided by the emplyer


Toishi69 t1_j9ztay2 wrote

Tell me where ? Send me the location


PowPowWasHere t1_j9zysx8 wrote

Meanwhile Americans paying 2K for crack bathrooms.


Buffyoh t1_ja0x883 wrote

Not bad at all!


Rob_Bligidy t1_ja18sf3 wrote

No bidet? That’s a no for me, Dawg.


puckit t1_ja1hk5f wrote

That's...a bathroom alright.


cecilrt t1_ja1oh25 wrote

When i see small showers like these, I just wonder what about fat or pregnant people


zeroaffect t1_ja1pl20 wrote

Am I stupid… I think this looks decent especially got 279 euro


ElleRisalo t1_j9z5ys3 wrote

Damn shots fired at the American who posted their shitty Rent Rate and Bathroom yesterday.


ofnuts t1_j9zmnyz wrote

Why the Sriracha sauce in the shower?


badamache t1_j9zdtkg wrote

But no bath, unlike those American pics