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uburoy t1_j9epa0z wrote

Actually clicked on the photo.

A) it’s obviously too early in the morning B) that was very funny


Triangle_t t1_j9esx2i wrote

That should be a hell of a tree.


Koffeekage t1_j9fwr2i wrote

David Attenborough : “It has the solum privilege to survive the rest of its brood, carrying on the bloodline with a quiet dignity. Having mastered the hunt, defeated the winter cold it practices its harrowing call for a mate, lets listen. “Chop-chop chop-chop chop-chop chop-chop chop-chop chirp chirp chirp chirp”


gsrmmeza t1_j9hkjw8 wrote

Here in San Diego, California we have the majestic Coastal Grey Chinooks!!!!!!