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Professorwormhat t1_j9levos wrote

I mean, it’s only 80 bananas Michael. What could it cost, $10?


Rkozlow t1_j9kzxs3 wrote

You would think the supplier would see this and call the store to makes sure the order was correct.


GopherFawkes t1_j9l5l8m wrote

Supplier would rather get money for 80 boxes and let the store worry about the mistake


Rkozlow t1_j9l71ij wrote

The store could just not accept the delivery.


GopherFawkes t1_j9la5a4 wrote

They have already been charged for and was shipped all the way to the store which probably isn't cheap, no way are they taking it back without some sort of charge and that is if the supplier agrees to it otherwise there is a possibility they take it back and keep the charge on the books as they technically fulfilled their end of the deal, but it all depends on what the terms are for their contract. Case around that time was probably around $20, so probably around $1,500 mistake, if it happens often it would hurt them finically, but as a rare mistake, it's a drop in the bucket, it would be like the average person giving a cashier an extra $10 bill. A lot of these stores throw out and/or donate lots of food as is, half the food we produce in the US gets thrown out


Jigsaw8200 t1_j9mzzy9 wrote

If you have a good warehouse representative, they would. I'm a produce manager, and my rep would definitely call and question a quality that high(usually order 10 to 15 an order). Plus, our order guns have a quantity limit set to go off on anything over 10, so we don't mistakenly do this.


grievre t1_j9o288i wrote

As someone who worked in a food warehouse, this probably happened the first three times.


igner_farnsworth t1_j9ksds1 wrote

Tally me banana... by daylight you're gonna' wanna' go home.


_BRZRKR t1_j9m6a5k wrote

DAAAAY-O Day light come and Me wanna…


Quasipooch t1_j9kp8kf wrote

I PRAY they sent the excess to a homeless shelter(s), not just throw them away once they spoiled.


Ambitious_Fix7917 OP t1_j9kpk0m wrote

Actually that's right, your prayers have been answered. We sent them to a food bank.


missingmytowel t1_j9kys0e wrote

gas station clerks in the area

"Doesn't seem like many of them are coming in to use the bathroom this week"


DS4KC t1_j9oortn wrote

I was thinking sale on bannanas


Cool_Story_Bro__ t1_j9lj84e wrote

Why wouldn’t you just have refused delivery?


WillArrr t1_j9lkq55 wrote

Refusing a delivery of perishable goods that you requested, based entirely on a mistake that you made, is going to have way more ramifications than just accepting the delivery and writing off the excess product.


George_H_W_Kush t1_j9lusp5 wrote

If they refused that delivery the broker would’ve had the driver drop the rest at the nearest spot that would take them as donations then billed the original consignee for the whole thing + redelivery


Grimm2020 t1_j9lg0sq wrote

This reminds me of my time as a part time grocery order writer for a regional store chain, where I ordered "30" bags of Water Softener Salt, not realizing they were pallet quantities of 30, so they delivered a full truck of 80lb bags of Salt. I still couldn't believe someone didn't question this order as they were loading the truck.

Fun times.


003402inco t1_j9lj1dh wrote

I worked at a hardware store where someone ordered 99 full size tub surrounds instead of 9. It was something like two semi trailers full. No one stopped it. They did a fire sale on them, but ended up destroying about 20 because they had sustained damage from being moved around so much due to lack of storage.


Jigsaw8200 t1_j9n0f1e wrote

My buddy did that with 24 packs of water. He ordered 5, thinking they were cases, when they were pallets. He was new to ordering, so they weren't too mad at him, but the water was Deer Park, which is on the expensive side.


JezebelRaven t1_j9lngra wrote

Happened with avocados at my small town's supermarket. They marked the sale as : ''Derrick messed up the order'' and sold the avocados 1$ per pack of 5 instead of 7$.

Thanks, Derrick.


Betteradvize t1_j9kwbpq wrote

Call Tim & Tickle they know what to do


dillydeli1 t1_j9kweku wrote

Start eating! you don’t have much time before they expire


VVinstonVVolfe t1_j9ld5rj wrote

As a $DOLE stockholder, thanks and keep it up!


thunderGunXprezz t1_j9lm9qw wrote

Ripe AF too. Those will be bad by the end of this weekend.


ScribbleThings t1_j9lpx2t wrote

When I worked at a grocery store at age 16, I worked with an older man probably in his 60s. He said he'd been stocking shelves his whole life. We were unloading bananas and he told me how back in the day, they would sometimes find whole goddamn tarantulas in the banana boxes, or between bananas in bunches. Makes me seriously look at these boxes differently.


Jigsaw8200 t1_j9n14md wrote

Those were probably banana spiders. I had a similar conversation with an older gentleman in my department. The bananas would come in these large wooden boxes, and they would break them apart with a large knife. Sometimes, they would see these spiders and kill them.


nekomeowohio t1_j9lsuzu wrote

Banana sells that slow there? When I work at whole foods we went trough 1 to 2 pallets of banana a day


Ambitious_Fix7917 OP t1_j9lvrje wrote

Evidently people will buy more of the same bananas with an upcharge as long as it comes from Whole Foods.


nekomeowohio t1_j9lw4j1 wrote

The quality varies a lot on them they would often come in way too ripe or very green


Tahoeshark t1_j9lvw9q wrote

Need a banana for scale.


MrMonte t1_j9nezga wrote

I work in a college dining hall, we’d go through this in a week and a half.


shadowlarx t1_j9nfqfg wrote

Break out the blender and make some banana smoothies.


OwlfaceFrank t1_j9njoju wrote

The Jeff ordered too many bananas sale! All bananas 99% off!! Eat one while you shop. Throw the peel on the floor. This'll be fun!


wanderyote t1_j9nms05 wrote

what kind of tiny ass store only needs 8 cases?


vauxhall_ashtray t1_j9l4vje wrote

Someone got fired for this


yutternutterbutter t1_j9moj9n wrote

One time, the old grocery manager at my old job meant to order 1 pallet of water, which is 60 cases to a pallet. He ordered 60 pallets instead. Warehouse called us and asked to confirm. We said, no. No we don't want 60 pallets of water.


CodeNameBlur7 t1_j9l7krk wrote

Bake banana bread and give it away


CandyRedNinja t1_j9lklm6 wrote

Rookie numbers. I order 80 yellow and 40 green daily.


daggers1g t1_j9lu15c wrote

This looks like the ambient room of a Target


soggy_meatball t1_j9m8o7r wrote

this about to be a killer math problem


Tha_Watcher t1_j9m8r3s wrote

Yes, we have no bananas!


stewieatb t1_j9m8wfh wrote

I asked my work to order me six rolls of blue tissue paper and six rolls of white tissue paper. Six rolls is the pack size, so no worries.

I went to collect it (on the hottest day of 2022, dammit). Instead of two packs there was a mountain of it. They had ordered six packs of blue and six packs of white. About 5-7 years supply for my small workshop.


bubba7557 t1_j9maumz wrote

Bananas 10 for 1 sale about to happen


Catlenfell t1_j9mbet6 wrote

And the salesperson was too dumb to ask if that was what they really wanted.

I work on the floor of a grocery store supplier. Damn near every day, I have to call one of the buyers because I check their order, and a customer that usually orders 10 cases suddenly has an order for 110 cases. 99.9% of the time, It's a typo.


InfamousThirteen t1_j9mdtyy wrote

I work in a grocery store and have a general sense of how well things sell. Idk how you guys will go through 80 cases, but just out of curiosity, what is the price per lb for bananas wherever you are?


Ambitious_Fix7917 OP t1_j9n34ud wrote

Bananas usually sold pretty well at our location (South Carolina), this happened in 2019. They were about 30 cents USD per pound then. Pretty cheap.


burnbag18 t1_j9mhecd wrote

Hit the ice cream case...banana splits for everyone!


Jaygoon t1_j9mm5ck wrote

I worked in the produce department at food lion when I was 18. My produce manger showed me the ropes, ordering and stuff. He then transferred to another store. I took over ordering because I enjoyed it and I knew my store really well. New store manager thought I was just a dumb kid and he should do the order for a huge sale on bagged red potatoes. He screwed it all up and did basically the same thing. It took us weeks to get rid of half the potatoes and we ended up throwing the rest away.


Greenbudhaa t1_j9mm7t6 wrote

I did this with water before at my store. Meant to order 5 cases of water but accidentally ordered 5 pallets of water (500 cases). Whoopsies!


JellyPusheen t1_j9mt1xu wrote

I feel like this is a Curious George episode


powerbutts t1_j9mumv4 wrote

I know this scam. You pull up in a white van and then you tell a story about how company loaded one too many banana cases and you wanna off load these bananas for cheap, so then I end up buying $50 of banana which would be worth $300 retail. However, when I go home and open up a case of bananas it really just ends up being cheap offbrand stereo worth nothing.


Ok-Scientist-6944 t1_j9mwk8y wrote

Gonna put banana on “Crazy Deep Cut Super Low And Below Cost” Special. What this space.


Zedowel t1_j9mytp0 wrote

I imagine the bakery is going to be making banana flavored everything for the next few weeks.


East-Ad-8018 t1_j9mz02o wrote

Is this why my grocery store didn't have bananas?


pshawny t1_j9mzgxk wrote

Banana for scale


napu01 t1_j9n14xe wrote

Banana bread for everyone.


TwoDrinkDave t1_j9n7yhr wrote

This week: sale on bananas.

Next week: sale on banana bread.


Rob_Bligidy t1_j9naxix wrote

2¢ a pound. Limited Time Only. No Limit.


edemamandllama t1_j9nbgm4 wrote

I work at Costco. We sell more then that in a day. I fist I was like, only 80? What?


Rygel17 t1_j9nu8zz wrote

I've made this mistake but not with bananas.


madhattermt t1_j9nvaqf wrote

Looks like there’s about to be a sale.


grievre t1_j9o2e0b wrote

Let me guess: they're 10 lb cases and they meant to order 80 lb


Alwayshard6130 t1_j9o5e69 wrote

Be a nice business and give back to the community. Donate them to homeless folks


ImMakinTrees t1_j9o5s0x wrote

I will never recover financially from this


ahoneybadger3 t1_j9o94oo wrote

I did similar for a clothing company I was an apprentice at for the whole of 1 week.

Was my first ever job and it was working for an Indian family that had a big distribution network. They'd order clothes in from India, shipped, then distribute them to various other businesses.

The main point of my job was to print emails out, give them to the owners and get a hand written response full of abbreviations in return to email back.

In one email the owners are asked how much of a new line of stock they're wanting. So I print it and drop it on the desk of one of the owners. He's wanting '4 ctns plx'.

So I tidy it all up and get rid of those abbreviations before sending; "We'll take four containers" and off it sends.

Next morning and there's just sheer panic. Some numpty has placed an order for 4 shipping containers of a new line instead of the usual 4 cartons.

Got fired immediately.


Ok-Wasabi-1996 t1_j9pidxx wrote

Better order a bulk of banana bread mix...