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Ambitious_Fix7917 OP t1_j9kpk0m wrote

Actually that's right, your prayers have been answered. We sent them to a food bank.


missingmytowel t1_j9kys0e wrote

gas station clerks in the area

"Doesn't seem like many of them are coming in to use the bathroom this week"


DS4KC t1_j9oortn wrote

I was thinking sale on bannanas


Cool_Story_Bro__ t1_j9lj84e wrote

Why wouldn’t you just have refused delivery?


WillArrr t1_j9lkq55 wrote

Refusing a delivery of perishable goods that you requested, based entirely on a mistake that you made, is going to have way more ramifications than just accepting the delivery and writing off the excess product.


George_H_W_Kush t1_j9lusp5 wrote

If they refused that delivery the broker would’ve had the driver drop the rest at the nearest spot that would take them as donations then billed the original consignee for the whole thing + redelivery