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cmmosher t1_jad1nxm wrote

So.... Is that the fungus from The Last of Us on your car?

Also, New Mexico gets icy? Only asking because I am from Ontario and thought it was toasty 365 days a year there.


HBorel t1_jad379p wrote

Depends where you are in the state. New Mexico is high desert, meaning that at night it can reach very low temperatures due to the altitude. There's a ski basin in Santa Fe, and Taos is a winter sports destination for people from all over the world.


Roltistotem t1_jadgm0q wrote

I grew up a little south of Taos people are surprised we have pretty wintery winters up there


cmmosher t1_jad3yl1 wrote

Cool, i never really thought about how far north it went.


eugenesbluegenes t1_jad5wto wrote

It's really more about the elevation. Albuquerque is over a mile above sea level and sits in a river valley with a 10k+ peak right next to it. Santa Fe is at 7,200 feet. Most of the state is mountainous and even the flatter eastern part is high plains that get rather chilly.


the_maestr0 OP t1_jad7xey wrote

The 5 hours was between Amarillo, TX to Red River, NM and was iced the entire way. The worst part was my windshield washer fluid froze up, any Canadian tips on that? Returning home a few days later outside of Austin with temps in the mid-80's (F) was nice, felt like you thought NM should be.


cmmosher t1_jadah4x wrote

We have anti freeze wiper fluid that's rated to negative 35-45 C. Its good for all year round and works just as well when I get up to 30 C in the summer. That's in the 90s F i think.


SonOfHugh8 t1_jadqldl wrote

I went 25years without realising they even made wiper fluid without antifreeze in it. The summer stuff is the only thing that can actually get the bug guts off your windshield though.


cmmosher t1_jae3l3b wrote

Ya i most live in a midsized city so the bugs arent an issue


KillerRabbitX t1_jae9isz wrote

If you want to use the rest of what you have, add a little methyl hydrate to your washer fluid reservoir. That'll help it to not freeze, but only use it while you're stopped in case it frosts up your windshield anyway


the_maestr0 OP t1_jaec1kn wrote

I appreciate the info, that feels one step away from becoming Walter White.


destinationlalaland t1_jaerydb wrote

If yer regular fluid is already frozen, it's likely frozen in the lines to your sprayers. Adding methyl hydrate to the reservoir is fine if ya want to, but you are likely up shit creek until you park in a warm garage or the temp rises enough to thaw the line to the sprayers.

Id prefer just adding a winterblend if you can find it vs using methyl hydrate myself.


_Connor t1_jae7jqj wrote

Yeah, buy wiper fluid rated to the temperature lol.

All of ours are good to -40C or something like that. There's no tricks to it.


FictionalRacingDrivr t1_jadkmam wrote

As others have mentioned, we have plenty of desert, but also have some forests and mountains, like the Gila and Lincoln Nat. Forests. New Mexico can be a pretty diverse place, just depends on where you’re at.


cmmosher t1_jadlbkp wrote

Ya, TIL that reasonably large State probably has a diverse climate.


TheDeadlySquid t1_jad7was wrote

You’re probably thinking of Arizona. New Mexico is high desert. A lot of areas are over 4,000 feet of elevation and snow and ice will accumulate. Go Lobos!


handsomehares t1_jad999h wrote

Arizona gets snow too!

Last time I went to Arizona it was unseasonably cold, rained, and then snowed. Got to see the Grand Canyon covered in snow. Absolutely amazing.


FilipinoSpartan t1_jae33y8 wrote

Northern Arizona is getting a lot of snow this year too. Flagstaff nearly shut down about a week ago and they're expecting another big storm this week too.


TrumpetSC2 t1_jaee9x6 wrote

Yeah Flagstaff is actually one of the colder cities in the continental us on average


cmmosher t1_jadqbnx wrote

Actually i am thinking everything south of Toronto is paradise but i could be wrong.


schplat t1_jaelqll wrote

Houston is south of Toronto, therefore you are very wrong.


SolDarkHunter t1_jadla7d wrote

New Mexico definitely gets cold.

It varies depending on where exactly you are (we've got mountains, valleys, plains), but nighttime winter temperatures very frequently get below freezing.

Believe me, I wish it was toasty year round...


georgethepoor t1_jaefm7e wrote

Check out places like Los Alamos and the Jemez mountains. Sits at 7800 ft. Pretty chilly winters. Not as much snowfall as in the past, but still cool.

The Zamboni from the Los Alamos ice rink is actually on display at the hockey hall of fame, fun fact.


alpacasb4llamas t1_jaf3uki wrote

New Mexico is at almost a mile in elevation. It gets pretty damn cold and has almost no humidity.


trainwreck42 t1_jaebldu wrote

It recently snowed in Albuquerque, and we’re usually good for a dusting each winter.


TrumpetSC2 t1_jaee4qx wrote

New Mexico has mountains and cold winters. Also the summers are pretty mild. The hot places are the Arizona desert, nevada, etc. most of new mexico is “high desert” meaning it gets cold and it also snows.