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TheDeadlySquid t1_jad7was wrote

You’re probably thinking of Arizona. New Mexico is high desert. A lot of areas are over 4,000 feet of elevation and snow and ice will accumulate. Go Lobos!


handsomehares t1_jad999h wrote

Arizona gets snow too!

Last time I went to Arizona it was unseasonably cold, rained, and then snowed. Got to see the Grand Canyon covered in snow. Absolutely amazing.


FilipinoSpartan t1_jae33y8 wrote

Northern Arizona is getting a lot of snow this year too. Flagstaff nearly shut down about a week ago and they're expecting another big storm this week too.


TrumpetSC2 t1_jaee9x6 wrote

Yeah Flagstaff is actually one of the colder cities in the continental us on average


cmmosher t1_jadqbnx wrote

Actually i am thinking everything south of Toronto is paradise but i could be wrong.


schplat t1_jaelqll wrote

Houston is south of Toronto, therefore you are very wrong.