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Alternative_Course_8 t1_j9onzo3 wrote

Well, the ears start comin' and they don't stop comin'


ObeseBumblebee t1_j9p6xh7 wrote

Flop to the ground. Trip on them while you're running.


ICantDoThisAnymore91 t1_j9plhfi wrote

But the ENT doc begged to differ, judging by the lobes in the CT Scan Picture.


MerryMortician t1_j9qqu81 wrote

So much to hear so much to see.


CatsPajama37 t1_j9qrh96 wrote

Could you please repeat that back to me


Perfect-Engineer3226 t1_j9oiks8 wrote

And his nose


oh-propagandhi t1_j9pk8w0 wrote

A little maybe, but these are also slightly different angles which accentuate the nose in the second photo more. The Travis Bickle pic is shot from at or below the shoulder just a bit. The modern one is about ear level.

Edited for clarity.


BrickGun t1_j9prgyk wrote

Cartilage-filled areas like the ears and nose continue to grow throughout your life, so OP is accurate.


oh-propagandhi t1_j9pz92m wrote

Yeah, tossing maybe in there was a poor word choice. I was just trying to point out that the subtle difference in the camera angles was also a factor. I've edited. Thanks!


echawkes t1_j9r4lpi wrote

The article you linked says they appear to grow, but is less clear about how much they actually do. It also says:

>Our ears are 90 percent grown by age six, and our noses are almost fully grown by the time we’re teens, but both can change shape and appear to enlarge as we age.


portuga1 t1_j9okncm wrote

With the years he became a good listener. “Are you talking to me?” versus “I hear you loud and clear”


Phillip_Schrute t1_j9pfr4u wrote

Focal length of the two pictures can play a big factor.


SweetCosmicPope t1_j9p5i46 wrote

"Robert Deniiiiiro's mole has got to be 10 feet wide!"


erasrhed t1_j9pfh5i wrote

Back when that song was written, a 2000" TV sounded huge. Now, I expect Samsung to come out with one any day now, and you can get it cheap at Costco.


SweetCosmicPope t1_j9pghw5 wrote

I can't tell you how happy I am that somebody actually got that reference.

Also, yes, I'm anxiously awaiting my 2000" tv.


rdyoung t1_j9rqajh wrote

That was the first CD I bought for myself, a neighbor was having a yard sale and I bought it for like 25c or something, it was decades ago so I don't really remember.

We actually got to see him a couple of years ago, first row VIP and it was worth it.


Dry_Boots t1_j9pjyfr wrote

Now I can watch the Simpsons from 30 blocks away!


M2D2 t1_j9pu1jr wrote

I doubt anyone is fitting a 166ft tv anywhere. Unless you live at the top of a beanstalk.


ElGuano t1_j9qfov9 wrote

I hope to live long enough to become Head Ferengi.


LadiesPleaseDMNudes t1_j9otvgn wrote

It's just the lense used, right?


tradtrad100 t1_j9ovklx wrote

No, your nose and ears actually grow a bit as you get older. This image is probably bit of both lens mismatch and growth.


upvoatsforall t1_j9p2k4i wrote

That’s crazy! How do you know which ear will grow?


TummyDrums t1_j9p8m2m wrote

If you're right handed, your left ear will grow. If you're left handed, its your right ear. Scientists believe its a natural mechanism to make up for not being competent with your off hand, so at least you can hear predators coming sooner from that side.


kashmir1974 t1_j9pngt8 wrote

This sounds so ridiculous but I would not put any money on whether it is true or not.


squall86drk t1_j9r33lc wrote

Same goes for testicles, if you are right handed then your smaller testicle will be on your left side in case a predator gets to bite your scrotum from that side.


kevin_ramage89 t1_j9pjhds wrote

Your ears and nose actually never stop growing. That's why old people have huge ears and noses.


rellsell t1_j9owro7 wrote

And his mole.


JeffBroChill54 t1_j9px53j wrote

I'm 34 and my lobes are already as big as old De Niro's...shit


RhymeJones t1_j9r7961 wrote

Nose, mole, and eyebrows too


Persimus t1_j9pc4ps wrote

When I grow old I will be able to hear satellites in orbit :/


Griffith112 t1_j9qsni0 wrote

My ears are already big enough at 22 :(


MisterCheaps t1_j9qtrx6 wrote

Wait wtf, do our ears actually keep growing as we age?


vibrant_crab t1_j9r9q87 wrote

Sounds like a death metal song for some reason.


Chardradio t1_j9p9yzj wrote

Crazy ol' Travis Bickle


[deleted] t1_j9q3ioy wrote

gravity does this as collagen? breaks down.


lost_raspberries74 t1_j9rgg6v wrote

The effect of gravity is similar to what’s seen in antique windows on homes, my lord. Even the mole be lookin a lil droopy😰


Cust2020 t1_j9rqogh wrote

Maybe its because they need to get bigger for better reception as we age, maybe its gravity or maybe its like a muscle and as we age we listen better and have toned our ears. The world may never know.


Scr33ble t1_j9rs1zr wrote

These are just snapshots of the same man at different stages of his journey from birth to death.


tossaroo t1_j9rzfyw wrote

Don't I know it? Hit 60 and see if your once skinny ass doesn't have catcher's mitts for ears.


7empestOGT92 t1_j9s64l5 wrote

The one on the left is Maynard James Keenan.

Don’t be fooled.



MacDugin t1_j9s9gj3 wrote

Gotta say though it would been a better representation if the foreheads would be at the same angle.


flabbergasted-528 t1_j9sdn6z wrote

Do your ears hang low?

Do they wobble to and fro?

Can you tie them in a knot?

Can you tie them in a bow?


rightboobenthusiast t1_j9sw0h9 wrote

There's definitely a poem in here somewhere...

Robert DiNero, Look how his ears grow, ...


CronkinOn t1_j9t35no wrote

Gravity always wins.

An unfortunate fact of getting older.


nem0fazer t1_j9teq3d wrote

Mine are growing hair to try and hide but the joke's on them because the rest of my hair is falling out. Aging is overrated.


BreakerSoultaker t1_j9tiszh wrote

This reminds me, why don’t people get moles removed? I don’t think they necessarily look bad, but that’s a lifetime of having to shave around that thing, catching it with a fingernail when I had an itch, etc.


Verniloth t1_j9p4tju wrote

He's a lizard person! Err he's been replaced by lizards! I forget what I'm supposed to be scared of, but man I'm scared. Def something about lizards though...


ottawa1967 t1_j9q5dnr wrote

Or how the head shrinks